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  1. Yea, I plan to. At least for now lol! I agree that the piers don't feel so closed in.
  2. Nice! I was hoping to catch that one but my alt got a pier on the opposite side of the region.
  3. This is why I dont want to click until I see a release, tired of wasting tries on the same spots.
  4. Just got a Brichester cabin. Now to log in and see the location. 😆
  5. There was a delay in the release. The boats had Linden Home on them for a bit before they actually started to get taken.
  6. I tried this on a weekend evening about 10 pm and lost it lol. I don't think I will try it again lol.
  7. I got one as well and let it go, didn't care for the location.
  8. I got one in the first few minutes of the 1st release, I was at the lodge on the edge of the regions. Moles and some Lindens were gathered together for awhile before the release began, map said 20. We got a few explosions as people were saying land page was froze. I dont recall the time. I seen in chat someone got one so I tried the page and after several tries I got one. Then patch announced more to be released after about 5 mins. Then more were released...seemed to be region by region at first. I got and abandoned 3 before settling during the first few releases. After I had found a spot I
  9. that was a quiet release lol! Congrats to the new HB owners!
  10. I usually don't have the convenience to be home to look when a release happens, but I am off work now due to a pending surgery. I was actually at the hospital when kahuna happened, I just randomly pulled up the forum on my phone to see if anything was happening with the releases and there was, however I had no idea which region. So I logged on to the land page and got lucky. I have just got this avatar on premium and have only used this one to look for a house. I will most likely stay where I am though and leave it with one premium account. Still waiting on my mailbox to be fixed though lol.
  11. So want to upgrade my main as I am kinda worried about letting go of the Kahuna place I got lol! I want to try for River run so bad though 🤔
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