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  1. I have been getting old regions as well for all my 10 tries for the OL the last 2 days. Thinking about giving up on the stilts now as I tried OW and OP and couldn't get into decorating them. Also the ones I keep getting over and over are right in the middle of region. Lol. Might be time to downgrade alts and just keep my houseboat on main acct if I cant snag an OL stilt that I like.
  2. Yea, I plan to. At least for now lol! I agree that the piers don't feel so closed in.
  3. Nice! I was hoping to catch that one but my alt got a pier on the opposite side of the region.
  4. This is why I dont want to click until I see a release, tired of wasting tries on the same spots.
  5. Just got a Brichester cabin. Now to log in and see the location. 😆
  6. There was a delay in the release. The boats had Linden Home on them for a bit before they actually started to get taken.
  7. I tried this on a weekend evening about 10 pm and lost it lol. I don't think I will try it again lol.
  8. I got one as well and let it go, didn't care for the location.
  9. I got one in the first few minutes of the 1st release, I was at the lodge on the edge of the regions. Moles and some Lindens were gathered together for awhile before the release began, map said 20. We got a few explosions as people were saying land page was froze. I dont recall the time. I seen in chat someone got one so I tried the page and after several tries I got one. Then patch announced more to be released after about 5 mins. Then more were released...seemed to be region by region at first. I got and abandoned 3 before settling during the first few releases. After I had found a spot I liked I seen patch say 10 more regions would go. I logged out shortly after that as I had gotten one and needed a break lol. So not sure what happened after that but the releases were staggered. Still on first cup of coffee so apologies in advance if my reply is all messed up!
  10. that was a quiet release lol! Congrats to the new HB owners!
  11. I usually don't have the convenience to be home to look when a release happens, but I am off work now due to a pending surgery. I was actually at the hospital when kahuna happened, I just randomly pulled up the forum on my phone to see if anything was happening with the releases and there was, however I had no idea which region. So I logged on to the land page and got lucky. I have just got this avatar on premium and have only used this one to look for a house. I will most likely stay where I am though and leave it with one premium account. Still waiting on my mailbox to be fixed though lol. I do hope you find a place soon though, they are all good places to work with.
  12. So want to upgrade my main as I am kinda worried about letting go of the Kahuna place I got lol! I want to try for River run so bad though 🤔
  13. Got a traditional in kahuna. Did River run release? I am not in world to check it out.
  14. I am on mobile app today. So stuck where I am lol. Hope everyone hollars loud in chat when a release happens.
  15. oops. got the number wrong of where I am standing, seems I am in SSPE174. 🤣
  16. I am standing on SSPE158 according to the map when I pull it up, but it's named River Run.
  17. Chloe's is gone, Did not even show up for me lol. But thanks to Chloe for sharing the info on the release.
  18. Sighs with you Alumma! I was holding out in the Hope's of snagging one on Porthole however now I have to work all day tomorrow. Keeping fingers crossed for a late release!
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