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  1. Yeah! I'd love to chat. I'll send you an IM now. Hope you don't mind
  2. I get what OP is trying to say, I suppose there should be some kind of warning, maybe not by Linden Labs but on a sim that has possibly triggering effects. Though some people could misuse (or just not use a proper warning all together) I do think most sim and creators owners would be fine with implementing a warning if it were to be brought up to them. I myself sometimes forget that photosensitivity is a thing when it comes to video games. I've never experienced it save for during a 2008 Iron Man classic Wii game that made me feel like my brain was oozing out of my eyes and ears for some reason. I feel sorry for those who can have even more intense, adverse reactions.
  3. I think I picked a pretty apt thread title. I'm relatively new to Second Life. So far I've been exploring, shopping, and customizing my avatar. Pretty soon I'm going to start looking for a home. I think I'm in this game for the long haul. Though I keep myself busy when I'm in Second Life, I would love to find some people to talk to and possibly start a friendship with. I know asking for friends is the wrong way to go about things because friendships have to start organically and naturally if they have even a smidgen of a chance of lasting, so instead I am asking for some people to chat with whenever they feel like dropping me a line and we'll see where it goes. I'm a fairly nice person, and I'm definitely a good listener. However, one of my biggest downfalls is that I'm super awkward, namely in the beginning of any sort of interaction. I have trouble starting conversations and engaging at first but normally I can keep the talk going pretty healthily once that ice is broken. Please bare with me during that period! I swear I'm not that boring! You want to talk? Because I sure do! Please message me in Second Life! I look forward to hearing from you! (Whoever you are!)
  4. Beautiful song by the extremely talented singer/song writer Ingrid Michaelson
  5. I wonder how many less than genuine people messaged OP? Then again, I'm not sure if OP was genuine since who really mentions their $$$ when looking for a friend? That's something you save for hookers and that ilk.
  6. The best way to put drama behind you is to just leave in it in the past. If you are worried about it being drudged up by a future friend the address the issue only if they ask you about it. Other than that just move on and let bygones be bygones. I have no idea what kind of rumors you are referring to and I don't think most people care - most people on the internet have had some drama attached to their name; falsely or not. No biggie. Having said all that, if you are okay with be friends with a relative newbie my IMs are always open for conversations.
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