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  1. 🙂 Thank you all for responding on my topic, i'm glad to notice that i'm not the only one who has noticed this. AND .. sorry for those who have to deal with those side effects .. it should be a positive experience. I understand that this is something you get for free, a little inconvenience .. but still, I hope that in the future something more information can be given to those, what they can expect, where and how they can solve these things in their viewer. [especially the newcomers] and those who are sensitive to these side effects. I do believe that a little extra information would be helpful, perhaps with the help of warning icons, would result in a few points of extra appreciation. (but again, this is my opinion) Thank you for your opinion, kind people 😉 [Oh, and please don't mind my spelling, English is for me an alternative lang, still learning]
  2. Seriously Lillith? It's NOT about "me".. i am only wondering why GAMES have this warning before you can play the game, and Second Life have no such thing when you install it, or information in the Tos about this matter.. what is the difference here.
  3. I have maybe a silly question .. i am wondering about it for some time now. Our Graphic cards these days are awesome!! With all the changes in Second Life in the past 8 years, it has become for most people most realistic in our viewers. Incl all the items creators make, the only worry that i have is .. most spinning, flashing, moving spotlights "can" make you really sick after some time. Tired eyes, headddache or even provoke epileptic seizures. [i have also heard this complain from several people]. I have learned to use the "derender & ad to blacklist" option. BUT now it is so much when you derendered all the items - it will keep you busy derendering them] that make the choice to leave an music venue. I know that most GAMES give a warning when graphics have an effect on people, why is Second Life not giving a short notice/warning about this matter like other Games??
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