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  1. Anyone knew him and maybe have an idea if he is ok? We were friends since 2013 and lost connection somewhere in 2015.When I came back to sl in 2017 I found out his name is not available. And none of his close friends didn't responded.
  2. Lucky letter calls in groupchat for 4-5 hours.It makes me leave group and the store,without disabling group messages
  3. Cica Ghost Sims always make me feel so comfortable
  4. [10:03] Funnynewbie Resident: hi [10:03] Funnynewbie Resident: show your ass [10:04] Minny124: LOL [10:05] Funnynewbie Resident : can i touch you [10:05] Funnynewbie Resident : squeeze your ass [10:06] Minny124: nooo [10:06] Funnynewbie Resident : i didnt expect yes [10:07] Funnynewbie Resident : why r u running (he askes after bumped me,lol)
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