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  1. I have been looking quite a lot, maybe its an issue because even the old Linden homes do set a high standard for random chunks of mainland to be compared against. They are designed and built for the purpose, and whist they may have their issues, I still think they represent the far better option. The quibble we've been debating here is purely availability. OK my feelings on this are very much in the same vein as others who've said whilst some have found ways to get themselves to the front of the line not everyone can do that. I'm not in the SL time zone and suspect (suspect because I a
  2. A more convincing case for euthanasia I've yet to see!
  3. P.S. Thanks for taking the time to look those out and post them for me though, I did look at them both. The first wasn't too bad just surroundings aren't as good as a Linden home, and the second is a water plot and not what I'd call 'beach plot' or again anywhere close to a Linden home, but that's not to criticize, I appreciate the attempt to help
  4. I have put a lot of effort into finding a reasonable use for my Linden home/free tier benefit, your 'suspicion' isn't accurate there. The debate about whether I'm 'blaming' or trying to have a critical but constructive debate is circular and pretty tired now. Anyway, I had thought we'd killed this off as it wasn't doing anything constructive anymore.
  5. OK I really am in agreement this needs to stop, and this is getting off-topic I think but as this post doesn't contain anything insulting …. No I didn't say I was in IT and this is in no way critical of contractors. Whether salaried or under contract or a third party supplier the choice of contracting for work as Fixed price or T&M is what I was referring to. I have worked in procurement for government departments which is the context of where this is coming from. I agree contractors are often just as good if not better than salaried workers and I wasn't suggesting otherwise just that Fixe
  6. Not exactly, and there was no implication its a standard maxim that if you pay a supplier for the finished product to an agreed specification of quality and allow them to use the time and resources and their experience and skills as they wish, that is usually better value, quality and predictability than paying them for just the time it takes to complete the work. I'm not sure that equates to 'piecework'?
  7. I implied nothing I made a comment about the pros and cons of T&M vs Fixed price which was relevant to the conversation. Any implications didn't come from me. I avoid insults generally though sometimes that does seem harder to do than others.
  8. How do you complain about complaining without complaining? I asked a question about dates for the new homes, and the price rise. That seemed to provoke an angry backlash which still bewilders me. Anyway I got my answer and as far as I'm concerned that is that. If the follow up name calling could stop that would be great.
  9. I'm not sure there's anything I can say you won't misconstrue in a bad light, however no I didn't mean it ironically nor did I direct it at the 'moles' or anyone personal. It's a general comment on the pros and cons of engaging contract work on either a T&M (Time & Materials or Hourly in this case) or Fixed Price. The saying goes 'Pay fixed price they do the work, pay T&M they do the hours' Its a general comment, not as you're falsely repeating it a slur of any kind on anyone. That's more your game than mine.
  10. @Crim I think this is one of the main constructive reasons forums exist, to share experiences, knowledge and information. Your experience of mainland parcels seems very different from mine. I have looked for a long time for mainland parcels that shared the defining characteristics of Linden homes i.e. 1) Reasonably priced (given Linden homes are free to purchase) 2) In a nice environment 3) Not overcrowded 4) Performant If you are finding these and I am not I would ask you where I should be looking? I have been all over the grid and I just don’t see them. If anyone can share some helpful advic
  11. Just when you though she was flamed to death …...
  12. Well I wasn’t asking for one of ‘your’ parcels, just for you to prove your claim that it was no trouble to find equivalent use in mainland for the 1,024 sqm tier. I’m not at all surprised you decline 😊 I’m not ‘complaining’ either I’m asking for a date when these will be available. Perfectly reasonable thing to do. I am paying the subscription fee too, but I don’t see why asking for an idea when the new homes will be available for all that want them will be is such sacrilege to so many! I hear Maggie and realize the reality of this situation is its not going to change, the new h
  13. Hi Sylvia, I do feel ‘aggrieved’ because I am feeling this is unfair. However if you have no trouble finding parcels in any way equivalent to a Linden home in terms of environment, performance, population for a reasonable, let’s say under L$5k purchase price (Linden homes being free remember) with no rental charges, please share the location and I will concede your point that it is possible to find equivalent use for the 1,024 sqm tier and I’ll do exactly that and buy it? I don’t want some fanciful notion of perfection I just want a more practical prim allowance on my Linden home, as offered b
  14. Caption "oooooh someone told me there were new Linden homes around this coke bottle are they there? ……. OMG what are all those cats looking at me like that for !"
  15. @Raspberry Thanks for your ideas there I will look into those The big issue for me is the 175 prim limit in a single home. Are you saying that I could take a 512k linden home buy a 512k parcel of mainland, group them and have the 351 prim allowance available to use on the Linden home? If so, that is interesting because I didn’t think aggregating prim allowances worked across SIMs? I understand the fear in announcing any date, trust me I’m in the UK and we’ve seen that with BREXIT! However not having any date or idea is worse my opinion than being kept in the dark. Had our government s
  16. @Sylvia Just another observation about the eagerness to equate the value of the tier allowance equally between using it on a Linden home and to buy land. If I go to buy land using that 1,024 sqm tier it’s going to be mainland. To be blunt, current available mainland sucks big time. It’s usually crowded, lags, is expensive to purchase (prices for smaller parcels rocketed when the allowance was increased) and the surroundings usually are pretty dire. Nothing at all like the current Linden homes, either old or new, or even in development new themed ones I’m sure. They are free to purchase, usuall
  17. @Ananoelle The new Linden Home is advertised and offered as a tangible benefit of the current Premium membership we’re paying for, the Linden Homes, not just the tier, the homes. If you read the threads from Patch you can see its accepted by LL that these are late and they’re working hard to provide what they promised and are currently failing to deliver. So, no they are not providing what we are paying for currently, not to all of us anyway. The homes that are available are not the new ones they are the old ones limited to 512sqm and 175 prims so no it’s not a ‘choice’ that is being made avai
  18. Hi Fox, The new Linden Homes come with 351 prims because its 1,024 sqm of free tier. If you can get one, which is what this debate is about.
  19. Hi Ananoelle, I heard about them from a friend who managed to get one. I think we’ve talked about quality and this falls into two camps. Those that believe it’s fine to wait endlessly for something with no idea when it may become available and be quite happy to pay for it meanwhile not having it as they wait indefinitely, so long as when it finally does arrive it is beautiful and pretty. The other camp doesn’t share that view completely, they think if we’re paying for it and its good enough as it is (not a sardine can btw they are lovely as they are) GIVE IT TO ME NOW or at lea
  20. @Luna Thank you for clarifying that and not judging me as ‘that bad’ …. your honour! I am most certainly criticizing LL and make no apologies for it. Two months after the new double prim homes were offered and they are still woefully under-supplied and there is no date whatsoever for when they may be available. That remains the fact however many diversions, rabbit holes and obsequious tirades this debate goes down. I can understand that it IS more difficult to put these together than maybe it should be. Even so its not beyond the realms of reasonable expectations for a target da
  21. @Luna It’s a bit much to say I’m trying to hurt people or blaming or scapegoating or not entertaining the viewpoint of the other side, really? I am questioning whether LL is treating all customers fairly. I’m being constructive. I suggested why not tie the new charges into when people can get all of the promised and undelivered benefits. I understand the other viewpoints but that doesn’t mean I have to agree with them. This is partly what a forum is for isn’t it the exchange of ideas and opinions, preferably without the unpleasantness of personal attacks, or so I thought anyway. @Inn
  22. Whatever you find to do instead make it constructive, tolerant and non-belligerent and all will be well 😊
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