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  1. ya all true but what about me i want place where people can be them self there free to talk (but with no crimes) not in second life forum but in second life sim i did see one place i can't find it when i see people out side the place i seen alot of them they have the mask on but i go someone home or i hide and lesson to some people they speak the same as the place i one was in what i want is that freedom and people being them self i want to know the truth and i do not want someone how is nice and hide from my the truth on how do i speak i want to improve my w
  2. im looking for free speech place a place where your free to say what you want
  3. ya im stupid did not ask
  4. she need me she told me and ignoring me it's not a good idea of her showing that she need me
  5. 1 she would have told me 2 maybe crash but she send replies after that and not ignore now ya but with no feedback no reply and i im her she dose not reply
  6. she send a feedback if she's doing that but now she's going to do that
  7. i want to know if one of these 2 are happening or not that's all what i want to know
  8. i did see 2 things times that do harm and people are online but i see in there profile there offline
  9. here what happend i gone to my home sended tp then gone back to where she was she's afk i can not find i go back to my home i can not find her
  10. she would tell me she was going if she's somewhere else
  11. my girl love me and want me i wanted to know to find her
  12. please tell me what is happing
  13. i have sended tp to my girl i can not find her when she was online i go back i can not find her she was afk after i told my friend she turned offline im i fear for her im in need of help i want to know if her account is not hacked
  14. can't load my avatar i only see orange smoke need help
  15. njgamer69

    ao problem

    i have problem my friend what to turn ao of but she can't her sit is sill on even when she detached the ao
  16. i did go to marketplace.secondlife.com >my marketplace can't find access preference to General, Moderate, Adult
  17. i did it when i was logged in
  18. i was looking for adult content in the marketplace site i found warning i search the content marketplace sit i can't find it i need of help
  19. no script and no object and no pushing
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