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  1. So I saw someone else having a problem like this here posted in the forum but I tried the things they suggested and it didnt help. And mine is not just all the sound, the voice and other sounds are separate. One thru headset and the voices thru the speaker. So my request is pretty specific. I’ve tried a few things, to no avail. So here I am, desperate cause I love having voice chat. Text chat is hard cause it would be nice if people’s text showed above their head in a bubble so I wouldn’t have to see ALL conversation within a radius. If someone is close to me I’d like to see what THEY say and
  2. look, im not very tech savvy but i have this exact same problem. garbled colors screen glitch when i exit SL viewer. I dont know what f/lux is and ive never had it. but i just installed it so i could try the fix and now im stuck cause idk what the custom uninstall is. totally lost. im just gonna uninstall with control panel for now. please help. i need you to be more detailed and dumb it down for me cause i have NO idea what custom color profile is or MSI true color. please help. i have to restart my computer to make it go away after every time i quit.
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