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  1. Hello, just a question for my own stack-heap collision error. If it doesn't occur to begin with and no code has been edited... what's up with that? I'm not a coder and may be asking in wrong thread but would appreciate any ideas.
  2. Hello, prolly wrong thread but closest I could find lol. big land mass just below southern belli. has homes and houseboats but, no access! anyone know what that is? just curious.
  3. Paid for premium upgrade yesterday... cant log in today. Nice upgrade lol, can I get a refund LL?
  4. hello, anyone know if premiums can officially trade homes?
  5. Saw that houseboat to and got same message 😕. Go head and name your place and clk next but don't do anything else, except go back to previous page. The name will stay so you don't waste time with it. Hang in there... took me 3 weeks to get one and now i'm on the hunt again 😜
  6. Looks like a few boats not many at Pearlcoast seem to be ready for release. All landscaped and no land grids around them if that helps.
  7. Nice, I just got 2 hits in last 5 minutes but not fast enough lol
  8. Thanks, auto refresh has Regexp but doesn't recognize my typonese. Needed it in a hurry, good lookin out tho.
  9. Hmmmmm, B-e-l-l-i-s-s-e-r-i-a correct?
  10. Anyone... have correct spelling for belli ?
  11. Just got logged in, might be back op now.
  12. how long does this maintenance last anyone know?
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