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  1. I am wondering the justification for such a massive 40% increase in Premium membership. If you want more people to get premium it seems counter-intuitive to restrict basic AND raise the price both. Are they raising the prices because of events, and experiences and all that nonsense? Most people I know don't bother with that crap and only have a premium for the Linden Home, perhaps there should be a basic paid membership tier that is at a cheaper price point, but cuts out all the social frill, and other "features" that most people have no real use for and only allows for the Linden Homes and the weekly stipend? It makes me even more concerned about what Super Premium might entail if they feel fluff is worth a 40% increase, and since we are on the topic of inflation and prices and fees going up across the board since that is 'natural'. That 300L Stipend should go up too, perhaps to 500L reflective of the modern economy, vis a vis - cost of living increases. 300L was fine back in the early 2000s, but not in 2019 especially when you factor in creators raising prices to compensate for the increased fees they must pay. Yet, we all know that won't happen, they'll speak of the 'natural" increase of prices, only when it benefits them and conveniently forget it on issues that benefit the customer.
  2. Color me amazed, hours-long clicking sessions, DO pay off. Even I managed to snag a Trad last night, that being said, it didnt go through the first time, but roughly seven hours later, i got the next one I saw. It took me quite a few sittings to get, mostly because I'd get that crazy error after checking the box off.
  3. I was wondering something like this too, is it really difficult to take a copy of the finished area and make it a template and apply it other places? Good old CopyPasta is a life saver.
  4. I know your pain, I was taking a short break from my PC apparently, when the flood gates opened, and got back and discovered it was all over already. I felt like a kid waiting up on Xmas eve to meet Santa, only to doze off for 5 minutes, and wake up to find no presents under the tree, but the milk and cookies eaten.
  5. I'm pretty certain no one has to worry about LL getting rid of some of the old continents, if the demand for new housing is any indication, it is going to be quite a while for demand to catch up to the supply. 708 houseboats apparently were gone within minutes today. They are going to need to hire an army if they want to supply the demand in any reasonable time frame, which they wont, so the old houses are safe for now. On a side note, I forsee the player run housing market crashing, and LL getting a boost in Premiums, as people have been getting second premiums and such. TLDR, The old houses are going to be safe for awhile.
  6. Yes, you have to wait about a year to see a return. 300L a week doesnt do anything in the here and now.
  7. LL's reps can say whatever they want, but I dont really care about the other "features" I got a premium for housing. The stipend is nothing, 300L? That doesnt go far. Live support? I've only ever had long waits for "support" when I've had to reach out to support. I feel i got taken too, because I went through the process of letting go of my old home around the 16th, and found it was sold out. I was patient, I waited all weekend before complaining, and its the 22nd now, and still I have nothing. LL really should have figured it would be high demand.
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