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    I have this feeling that I may have come into contact with you in game at some point, before I last deactivated one of my alts. Edit: Yep, we met at SDI. Pardon me while I go stick my head in the freezer; at least one can hide there, if not on SL.
  2. So do sleep patterns, I wish someone would inform my Law Professors about this. @CarmencitaXo Glad to have touched bases IG.
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    So after two years and four months of being on SL, it finally occurs to me that there is a community forum. I get the sense I may have been missing out a bit by not posting here. My Main: Alts you Say? Yes, yes, I have a couple of those. One of which is a cat.
  4. Having been one several times, I can confirm that SL Boyfriends are seriously overrated. But I'm willing to gamble. Hello, I'm also 27; and I have no aversion to Europeans.
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