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  1. I already sent them a ticket, but it may take a long time for them to reply, I want to figure it out by myself first.
  2. She is one of my best friends, and I did immediately change my password.
  3. Update: I can only login during a specific period, usually between 12pm-5pm SLT. I give my username and password to a friend, she can login at another province.
  4. I also have login issues, unable to login for almost 2 weeks.
  5. I already sent a ticket, I'll try to clean the cache file, hope that will be helpful.
  6. I think I have the same issue. Would you mind telling me how did you fix that problem ?
  7. Now I found a interesting things, my transactions from the main avatar are showing on the alt avatar.
  8. I did that, but I still can't login
  9. Thanks, I'll try to reset my home location when I'm able to login.
  10. I changed the password of my main account, but I'm still unable to login SL viewer.
  11. I already changed my password, that doesn't seem to work as well.
  12. I tried that, even the VPN can't aid it.
  13. It keeps saying despite our best efforts, something unexpectedly gone wrong. I tried to update, and even redownload both of firestorm and sl in a new computer, but that didn't work as well.
  14. But I can login with my alt smoothly, my main avatar keeps having this issue.
  15. Wondergirl216

    Login issues

    It keeps showing that whenever I tried to login. And I have experienced this issue 2 weeks ago. Can anyone please help me out ? I also try to use SL viewer to log in, and it doesn't work as well. And I get the same result when I download SL to another computer.
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