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  1. Sorry... and thanks. sorry to that other chick too. I'm having a *****ty rl tonight and I didn't mean to come over rude on either count, even in the first post.
  2. Also don't worry sweetheart, I saw some notifications... I've not noticed them before and so I chose to reply. Least I got something making me moan, girl :'D (that's a joke btw, before you get all uppity)
  3. Also I didn't know these forums existed til I read posts about the houseboats, sort for not being L33t like you.
  4. So is knowing how best not to be an utter jerk to someone who is actually a nice person but came here to get a moan out of their system. I am more than entitled to feel crappy about this and share what was my experience, albeit a negative one. Go flame someone else.
  5. That's fine, but back when I wrote this, on the sim I went to, there were only 9 or so actually furnished on a whole sim.
  6. And judgy… (you) I am allowed to feel hard done by. 😛
  7. Lol okay, when people have signs up saying things like "ha ha! you didn't get a house boat" etc... I'd say it is... soooo
  8. What I am most angry about is that MOST of the boathouses are completely empty. Why take one and make it so others can't have one if you're not going to use it at all. That's just spiteful. The ones that are being used look amazing though. Didn't particularly like the one that was covered in signs mocking people who didn't have them... people are so daft sometimes.
  9. woah I'm gutted on so many levels that I wasn't present for this! I'm in both groups and didn't see a notice?
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