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  1. Please PM alvaelle with rates and portfolio. Exclusive + Full Permission Rigged and unrigged, both Tops, Dresses, Footwear and Accessories Collada + Blend file and textures Interested in long term employment.
  2. Mesh Logo + Golden Pillars + Backdrop needed Very basic geometric shapes + a font logo .dae files plus finished baked textures needed Please IM Alvaelle
  3. I am looking to hire a long term , skilled custom mesh artist, non-rigged projects only .dae, phx and baked textures are required please do IM Alvaelle Resident with your rates and links to some examples of your work!
  4. Realistic mesh human ear needed. Extended back side for easy adjustment. # texture (medium skin tone) # 2 mirrored versions # .dae and .blend files
  5. Seeking: Skilled BENTO animator for a custom animation (.bvh) delivered through e-mail Additional info: What I'm looking for is a basic hand and arm animation for a mesh phone To keep it fair, I'm offering 50% payment upfront, 50% after delivery of the file. Please contact Alvaelle Resident with your quote or by e-mail: alvaellesl at gmail dot com ♥
  6. Looking to get a rather simple Bento Hand animation done. Full perms, including the bvh file needed. Please contact alvaellesl (at) gmail (dot) com or Alvaelle Resident inworld! Thank you so much
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