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  1. ☆☆ Bombshell's Tavern ☆☆ Are you a Bombshell? Are you professional, classy, upscale, executive, elite, well manicured avi and performer? A top shelf liquor flavor kind of exotic woman? Are you articulate, can type well written emotes and immerse a customer? Are you the fantasy? Do you want to be the fantasy? Are you over 3 months old? (avi age) (Over 18 yrs old as defined by US Federal Law) Then maybe you're a Bombshell! ☆☆ We are a Veteran Owned and Operated Bar ☆☆ Bombshell's Tavern is hiring quality woman to be exotic entertainers at our bar. Escorting is not required, but if you do we facilitate that as well. Notice my questions, high quality service, well written emoting ability and immersion. If you cannot do that, there's plenty of other clubs out there. We won't compromise on quality for anyone. We are customer focused, offering high class upscale and fun flirty customer service, realism and immersion, in a great bar atmosphere. We are LIVE entertainers - Our girls are live and not afk bots. Day to Day: Freedom of Schedule: Come and go as you want. We require a minimum of 4 hours a week / 16 per month working. Fun Workplace: We have the girls on poles or dance pads. But we encourage the girls to have fun and be apart of the customer experience! NOT static, vulgar sex dolls. Hop down and shoot pool, play darts, invite them to hang out on the beach when appropriate, dance with the customers as the vibe and your professionalism deem appropriate. Benefits: We are working on several benefit programs for staff including bonus's, Featured Girl of the Month, and invitations to special events as well as promotions and earnings dividends. Some of these are still in work as we work our way across our to-do list. Training: We offer training to girls who want to learn, or improve on emoting, typing and "telling a story" to our clientele. We have a staff handbook that trains new dancers on expectations, rules and how we do business. And our management is proactive in helping mold our dancers into the quality of exotic dancer and performance entertainers we want to represent our brand. Modeling: If you are a model, we offer opportunities for girls to expand your modeling portfolio in regular updates to our weekly promotion materials and modeling for an affiliate clothing line that appears on the market and the in-world store. Promotions: We offer a standardized promotion track that is policy guided and has handbook defined gateways for promotions. Senior girls get perks and benefits junior girls do not. Wardrobe & Attire: We do have very high expectations on appearance. We require at least 4 different wardrobe sets per week, 3 are theme days. Services Offered: Topless and fully nude lap dances at set rates. Girls always have discretion on limits and activities during close contact activities with clientele. We offer escorting services for those girls that want to take part in it both on site and off site. All tips earned via club jobs must be run through our tip jars, no exceptions. No under the table tips will be allowed. We will fire and bounce girls out of the club who breach this rule. Tips: Tavern takes 20%. This will vary throughout the year never to exceed 20%, the more business our staff can bring in, the lower this will go. Events: We are building a monthly rotation of DJ's and other scheduled events. I'm not going to sugar coat my hiring post. We are new, our traffic could always use improvement. We are advertising hard, working hard, and laughing a lot. We are in the grueling grind up a very competitive mountain. We have plenty of money, and cover our expenses still putting Lindens away for projects and savings, and we keep expenses low. We are not one of the bigger clubs, but we are working hard to set ourselves as a classy, high quality venue. If you're read this far, then that's good. You're on your way to being a Bombshell. If you haven't, that's fine too, you probably don't have the attention span we're looking for. Requirements: 1. Age: Your avi must be a minimum of 3 months old. 2. Language: Speaking, writing and reading English needs to be fluent. We are an American bar, and expect quality emoting, writing, and communication. (No translators. You simply need to be able to speak fluent English as staff.) (Bi and multi-lingual very welcomed!) 3. Your avi must be: ☆ Female (a woman, we don't do trans here or any of the other variations.) ☆ NO under age, child avi's, or under age avi's are allowed on premises. ☆ Human. No pets, demons, fury's, animals or other body types available in game. ☆ 100% Mesh: You must be one of the available mesh bodies, heads, hair, accessories and clothing. (Legacy, Signature, Belleza, Maitreya, Ebody, etc) ☆ Proportional Sizes: No maxed out sliders, you MUST be a regularly shaped, sexy and normally proportioned female body shape, athletic and/or Lolita curvy. (We do not do the very wide unrealistic booty thing with tiny little feet - we also do not want the hyper skinny appearance. Not our gig.) ☆ Height: 5'7" - 6'0" feet tall - There is a height example in the dressing room. 4. Wardrobe: You need at least 4 changes of attire for work minimum. Please refer to the Handbook for more details on dancing attire. (Separate top and bottom, and high heels.) 5. Professionalism with co-workers and with all customers (no matter what). If you've never been in a professional setting, its fine, we'll teach you. 6. Able to listen, take corrections or suggestions professionally. If management or a madame provide a correction, tip, guidance, or suggestion we need you to be adult and professional enough to know how to receive it. 7. When on stage, be present and available. Not AFK. When you wear the Bombshell's tag you represent our brand with Class - Professionalism - Pride - Joy and as a Bombshell! Here's the surl to our sim. 🚙Request a free Limo: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Seabrook/58/222/24 Proceed to the Reception office where additional hiring information is located and the Staff Group Joiner. We do charge for staff joining the group, but you'll make it back with good work ethic and exotic professionalism. Become the best we have! Good luck. Ask questions. And lets work together, to help each other at Bombshell's Tavern! On behalf of the entire Bombshell's Staff - we sincerely thank you for taking the time to consider us as a place of employment. ~ Bombshell's Tavern Management
  3. It's not easy moving an entire Volcano from one location, across the seas of SL, to another location, but we did it! And today we are rocking with the best DJs and Hosts in SL from our new location on Reef Island from 8 a.m. till 11 p.m. To join the fun and grab a VRC Group Tag to keep up with our regular sets, special events and beach parties, come to the Volcano with our new LM ... http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Reef Island/115/198/46
  4. The Volcano Rock Club is rocking with 14 hours of Rock Music on Thursday, Feb. 10, starting at 6 a.m. with DJ Morph's Magical Musical Mystery Tour. Today's Lineup: 6 am - DJ Morph's Magical Musical Mystery Tour with Host MJ 8 am -- DJ Decode's Rock Music Mix with Host Onniah 10 am -- DJ Randy's Rock Music Mix with Host Tinker 12 pm -- DJ Peacy's Rock / Goth Rock with Host Vanessa 2 pm -- DJ AK's Classic Rock with Host Julia 4 pm -- DJ Vortex's Mission to play Great Classic Rock with Host Tinker 6 pm -- DJ Kenzie's High-Energy Rock with Host Paula Your car will be warmed up and waiting to roll ... http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Clawson/145/62/45
  5. The Volcano Rock Club continues the Month of Love with 14 hours of Rock on Tunesday, Feb 8, starting at 4 a.m. with DJ Beefy's wakeup set. The Lineup: 4 am -- DJ Beefy and Host Kyshira with music that makes your body want to move 6 am - DJ Tigger's Bouncy, Fun and Lovable Rock Music Mix 8 am -- DJ Fawn's hot Classic Rock with Host Geneva 10 am -- DJ Night sets the Volcano on fire with a hot Rock Mix with Host Tinker 12 pm -- DJ George shakes the crater with a Rock Mix 2 pm -- DJ Jonas cranks up a Rock Mix with Host Jacob 4 pm -- DJ TAILS' hot Rock Mix with DJ China Your car will be warmed up and waiting to roll ... http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Clawson/145/62/45
  6. The Volcano Rock Club starts the Month of Love with 16 hours of Rock on Tunesday, Feb 1, starting at 4 a.m. with DJ Beefy's wakeup set. The Lineup: 4 am -- DJ Beefy and Host Kyshira with music that makes your body want to move 6 am - DJ Tigger's Bouncy, Fun and Lovable Rock Music Mix 8 am -- DJ Fawn's hot Classic Rock with Host Geneva 10 am -- DJ Night's sets the Volcano on fire with a hot Rock Mix 12 pm -- DJ George shakes the crater with a Rock Mix 2 pm -- DJ Benny spins a Rock Mix with Host Jacob 4 pm -- DJ TAILS' hot Rock Mix with DJ China 6 pm -- DJ Lixx rocks the crater with Rock Classics with Host Soldier Your car will be warmed up and waiting to roll ... http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Clawson/145/62/45
  7. After a Sunday off, we're back at the Volcano Rock Club with 12 hours of Rock Music to jump start your new week on Jan. 31. We start your Manic Monday off with the highly flammable and entertaining duo of DJ Mjolnir and Host Tinker at 8 a.m. The Lineup: 8 am -- DJ Mjolnir and Host Tinker with a Hard / Noridic / Metal Rock Mix 10 am -- DJ Fawn and Host Vanessa with a fast-paced Classic Rock set 12 pm -- DJ Ergaron and Host Luh with a Rock Mix 2 pm -- DJ Benny with a Rock Mix 4 pm -- DJ Peacy's Rock Mix 6 pm -- DJ Romano's Fix for your '80s Cravings with Host China Your car will be warmed up and waiting to roll ... http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Clawson/145/62/45
  8. The Volcano Rock Club heads back to the beach for our All-Day Beach Party on Saturday, Feb. 5, starting at 8 AM and running till we close..Shake off those winter doldrums, don your favorite beachwear, and dance and listen to at least 10 hours of great Rock from our regular standout Saturday lineup of DJs and Hosts. Check out the pics from our first All-Day Beach Party of the year below! You should also keep your eyes open for an announcement about our first Special Event of 2022 ... hint, it will be in mid-February!
  9. The Volcano Rock Club opens at 8 a.m. Saturday, Jan. 29, for 10 hours of Classic, Modern, Metal and Mixed Rock and Retro Rockabilly for your dancing and listening pleasure. The Volcano's Lineup Today: 8 AM -- DJ Jazz's Rock Mix with Host Tigger 10 AM -- DJ Sasha's Retro Rockabilly 12 PM -- DJ Rebel's Rock Mix 2 PM -- DJ Compass Skald's Rock Mix with Host Tinker 4 PM -- DJ Jonas's Classic / Modern / Metal Rock Mix with Host China Here's your ride ... the seats will be warm and the engine ready to roar ... http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Clawson/145/62/45
  10. The Volcano Rock Club erupts on a TGIF with 16 hours of Rock on Friday, Jan. 28, featuring good ole Rock Mixes with smatterings of Classic, Hard, Modern, Metal, Nordic and Blues Rock. The Volcano's 16 hours of Rock today: 4 AM -- DJ Beefy's Rock Mix 6 AM -- DJ Rebel's Rock Mix 8 AM -- DJ Tigger's Fun, Lovable and Bouncy Rock Mix 10 AM -- DJ Jaimie's Blues Rock with Host Tinker 12 PM -- DJ Jonas's Classic / Modern / Metal Rock Mix 2 PM -- DJ Mjolnir's Hard / Nordic / Metal Rock Mix with Host Julia 4 PM -- DJ Jazz's Rock Mix 6 PM -- DJ Romano's Friday Night Hot Rock Mix with Host China Here's your ride ... the seats will be warm and the engine ready to roar ... http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Clawson/145/62/45
  11. The Volcano Rock Club fires up a new week with 12 hours of great Rock music starting at 8 a.m. on Manic Monday, Jan. 17. Our Manic Monday Lineup: 8 AM -- DJ Mjolnir (Thor) with Host Tinker -- Hard, Nordic and Metal Rock 10 AM -- DJ Jazz with Host Tigger -- Mixed Rock 12 PM -- DJ Ergaron and Host Luh -- Mixed Rock 2 PM -- DJ Benny and Host Goldie -- Mixed Rock 4 PM -- DJ Peacy and Host Ira -- Mixed Rock 6 PM -- DJ Romano with Host China -- The Fix for your '80s Cravings Your ride will be warmed up and waiting to bring you to the Volcano -- http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Clawson/109/46/36
  12. We're back to rocking and rolling for 16 hours today at the Volcano Rock Club, starting with a Rock Mix that makes your body want to move by DJ Beefy and Host Kyshira in our Wakeup Set at 4 a.m. We have a blend of Classic Rock, Blues Rock and Rock Mixes coming your way today. The lovable DJ Tigger bouncies his way through a Rock Mix at 6 a.m. followed by Classic Rock from DJ Fawn and Host Geneva at 8 a.m. and Blues Rock by DJ Jaimie and Host Tinker at 10 a.m. In the afternoon we have a Rock Mix by DJ George at 12 p.m., a rock mix of Classic, Modern and Metal rock by DJ Jonas and Host Jacob at 2 p.m., and a smoking rock mix by DJ TAILS and host China at 4 p.m. DJ Lixx and Host Georgia provide our evening's dose of Classic Rock at 6 p.m. Your ride is already warmed up and waiting ... http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Clawson/109/46/36
  13. Super Saturday promises great music and a lot of fun at the Volcano Rock Club with 12 consecutive hours of hot Rock n' Roll. It all starts at 8 a.m. with DJ Jazz's smoking Rock Mix with the fun and lovable Host Tigger followed by DJ Culli's Rocking Blues with Host Onniah at 10 a.m. The afternoon kicks off with DJ Rebel's hot Rock Mix at 12 p.m. followed by DJ Compass Skald's and Host Tinker's smoldering Rock Mix at 2 p.m. and DJ Jaisyn's Hard Rocking set with Host China at 4 p.m. DJ Dmitri spins and sings his way through a Classic Rock set with Host Jaz to close our day with the 6 p.m. set. Your ride will be warmed up and ready to roll ... http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Clawson/109/46/36
  14. Here we go with another great day of Rock Music at the Volcano Rock Club, starting off with DJ Culli at 6 a.m. and culminating with the Classic Rock of DJ Lixx at 8 p.m. -- 16 hours of great rock in all! In between we bring you DJ Decode and his merry cast of costumed characters with Host Onniah at 8 a.m. and DJ Randy's smooth Classic Rock at 10 a.m. The afternoon starts with DJ Hall of Famer Cheyenne's hot Rock Mix at 12 p.m. and follows with two great Classic Rock DJs in DJ AK with host Goldie at 2 p.m. and DJ Vortex with Host Tinker at 4 p.m. The evening begins with a high-energy rock blast from DJ Kenzie at 6 p.m. Your ride is warmed up and ready to roll ... http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Clawson/109/46/36
  15. The Volcano Rock Club presents 14 continuous hours of great Rock Music from Classic to Modern and Metal on Tunesday, Jan. 4, starting at 4 a.m. with DJ Beefy and Host Kyshira playing music that makes your body want to wake up and move! The morning includes two Rock Mixes at 6 a.m. and 10 a.m. by the lovable and bouncy DJ Tigger sandwiched around the Classic Rock of the incomparable DJ Fawn and Geneva, who makes her VRC debut as Host. The afternoon sees another VRC Debut with DJ Hall of Famer Cheyenne playing Old to New school rock at 12 p.m., followed by the raucous Classic / Modern / Metal set of DJ Jonas and Host Jacob, and the excellent Rock Mix of DJ TAILS and Host China at 4 p.m. Your ride will be warmed up and ready to roll to the Volcano ... http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Clawson/109/46/36
  16. Hey all: It's a new year, a new week, and the start of another week of great rock music at the Volcano Rock Club beginning at 8 a.m. with the highly flammable DJ Mjolnir (Thor) and equally flammable Host Tinker for a Manic Monday Hard Rock, Nordic Rock and Metal set. We follow that with two great Rock Mixes of Classic to Hard stuff from DJ Jazz at 10 a.m. and DJ Ergaron and Host Luh at 12 p.m. The Rock Mixes continue with DJ Benny and Host Goldie at 2 p.m. and DJ Peacy at 4 p.m. Our Manic Monday concludes with DJ Romano's Monday Night '80s Rock Fix at 6 p.m. Your ride ... http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Clawson/109/46/36
  17. The Volcano Rock Club erupts into 2022 with 12 hours of Hard Rock, Classic Rock, Rockabilly and Rock Mixes beginning at 8 a.m. with DJ Jazz's mix of Classic and Hard Rock tunes. We change the pace with a throwback to the origins of Rock with a Retro Rockabilly set by DJ Sasha and Host Onnian at 10 a.m. Then we dive back into hard-driving rock with mixes by DJ Rebel at 12 p.m., DJ Compass Skald's (Bels) and Host Tinker's smoldering hot set at 2 p.m., hard rock by DJ Jaisyn and Host China in her VRC debut at 4 p.m. We conclude our first day in the New Year with DJ Dmitri and Host Jaz in a Classic Rock set that features occasional singing by Dmitri. Here's your ride ... http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Clawson/109/46/36 Hope to see you here 🙂
  18. ▅ ▆ ▇ ƬΣ₵ΉПӨ PΛЯΛDIƧΣ ▇ ▆ ▅ is experience is truly like a real life party or event! It is a place with a good atmosphere with good DJs, where we want people to enjoy good music and have great fun moments. We want the best DJ´s, Host and Manager that meet our goal If you are interested please complete the application below. 👉🏻 Manager and Host Application: https://forms.gle/p5VAPDx8nLZ2ocgz5 👉🏻 DJ´S Application: https://forms.gle/GBA5dPktAQ5EwYoZ6 At our earliest opportunity, and subject to openings within the available schedule, one of the owners or staff at ƬΣ₵ΉПӨ PΛЯΛDIƧΣ will get back to you. Stop by and check us out! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Shaktar/218/151/22 FOLLOW FACEBOOK FANPAGE ! https://www.facebook.com/TechnoParadiseSL JOIN GROUP FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/groups/2780809592172489 Thanks again, and good luck! Owners: GANIKUX 亗 DISPERSINI亗 (ganikux) Aηdi Ð DISPERSINI亗 (and.radikal) Managers: Ϯ ŋıҳყ ɱơơŋ єℓѕιησяє Ϯ (zin123)
  19. Club Paradise brings you a new majestic look to the grid. We are currently Hiring for DJs, Hosts, Dancers, Bartenders, Manager . Permanent shifts and freelance available Friendly and Fun staff Genres include but not limited to: Dancehall, Reggae, Hip hop, RnB, Reggaeton, Electronic dance,Techno, dance music. Opening 24/7 A place to relax in a beautiful atmosphere Night Club and Adult Club area Rent this club for your event or show Please come by and check us out, Any questions please contact Khiasaimya inworld. Application: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScGMxv8tu3PddR2jdpLQXkOPf2nF90lJ-PCkdSHnPJi4AmrVg/viewform Limo: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ormone/59/188/2223
  20. Do you like Vikings? Are you Nordic? Do you consider yourself a Viking? Do you like Norway? Well if you answered yes to any of these we MIGHT have the place for you. Asgard Club is a new club that will be opening soon, It's a Viking/Nordic themed Village sim with a Viking theme club in the center. We have a Tavern, rental shops or houses if you so choose, A Great Hall, docks with Viking ships, an Underwater scenery area, Beaches, Woods, Rain Mist, Fog, you'll feel like you are in Norway back in 793 AD. We are Hiring for Hosts, DJ's, Dancers, and DJ and Host and Shift Managers. All Staff keeps 100% of tips, When we get closer to club opening time all staff will be issued Viking themed clothing to fit the theme of the sim, as well are given a custom made Viking Sword, Axe and Shield. Great environment, friendly staff, well experienced staff. Employee of the Month Benefits, and so much more. If interested please contact me in world. If you contact me on here it will be a day or two before i reply, but i will reply much quicker in world. In world Name: Blade Reluin See you in Norway Friends! Skaal!
  21. Come join us today at Lunar Eclipse with your friends and party it up with our hot DJs and Hosts today! 6PM - 8PM * DJ DEVILZ & HOST MORIA 8PM - 10PM * DJ SAGE & SIERRA 10PM - 12AM * DJ CRUISE & RHAE 12AM - 2AM * DJ BON BONS & ALEX UBER: http://maps.secondlife.com/.../Winterfell Heart/203/199/32
  22. Come party it up at Lunar Eclipse with our amazing DJs and Hosts! You do not want to miss out!! Amazing tunes everyday!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Today's lineup: 8PM - 10PM SLT * DJ RAIN & HOST WOLF 10PM - 12AM SLT * DJ DEBZ & HOST TRIS UBER: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Winterfell Heart/203/199/32
  23. HEXED Dance Club is currently hiring hosts, DJs and managers! Are you passionate about music and making new friends? Hexed is looking for active people for hosting, and managing! No experience as a host? No problem! We'll fully train you so you're ready to host some of our awesome DJs! Check out the club: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Enchanted Land/229/195/2999 Apply here: https://forms.gle/QxAUM3tAQED8gDNV7 Questions? Please reach out to me inworld, Remi Atheria or our manager, Cal Evergarden
  24. Ultra Lounge Revving up for Grand Opening!! Vibrant, Trance, Techno, Hardstyle, Day/Night Club is Seeking BaD A** Dancers, DJ's, Manager/Event Planners for Immediate Positions. If YOU are RAWKIN, Friendly, Outgoing & comfortable in the Smok'in Hot Atmosphere and Genre of Music we provide... We Want To MEET You!! ☢ Dancers: EXPERIENCE is NOT REQUIRED! Your SmExY attitude Is!! ☢ BaD KiTTy is a Day/Night Club NOT a Strip/Emote Club. (Adult Fits are worn and Mesh Body and Head Required) ☢ DJ's: Experience is Required!! You are the RaWr to our MeOw!! ☢ We are not flexible on our Music Genre. ☢ Manager/Event Planners: Experience is NOT Required and based on personal skill. ☢ (LoVe of being in Charge and getting things DONE - Can You Do It?!?) ☢ During our start up phase we anticipate down time and offer an Hourly Rate plus Tips!! ☢ It's TiMe to GeT the PaRtY StArTeD!! ☢ Bonuses are paid for referred and Hired Team Members ☢ ☢ Applications are available at the Club Entrance ☢ However, make sure to shout out to Berlin or Eve... if on the premises. We Want to MEET You! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Moonlight Oasis/62/189/3205 ☢ Immediate, Flexible, Round the Clock Positions Available!! Are YOU Ready!! ☢ Think this is it?? LOL, it's NOT!! We have an even Sexier Project in the FIRE!! Soon you will have TWO Jaw Dropping Ultra Lounges to Choose from!! See you Soon!!
  25. Hey there! The Magister Scene is looking for artists of all shapes and sizes! We are currently on the hunt for: TWO DJS (of any genre) TWO HOSTS FOUR DANCERS At the Magister Scene we offer our employees: · 100% tips earned · A safe, nondiscriminatory, fun place to work. · Training if needed. · The ability to be promoted. · Creative Freedom DJ Requirements: · Must be willing to audition for five to ten minutes. · A good understanding of the English language, as we are primarily an English-speaking club. · Must have their own stream. · Be willing to participate in themed nights. · Voice over stream is not required but recommended. · Work at least one two-hour shift per week. DJ APPLICATION (link to application) Host Requirements: o the club. · Work at least one two-hour shift per week. · Must be able to send out notifications. (Training will be provided if needed). HOST APPLICATION (link to application) Dancer Requirements: · Realistic shape with a full mesh body. This includes head, hair, eyes, and clothing. · Pleasant and engaging personality. · A good understanding of the English language, as we are primarily an English-speaking club. · MUST be age verified. · Have a strong emoting ability. DANCER APPLICATION (link to application)
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