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  1. Realistic mesh human ear needed. Extended back side for easy adjustment. # texture (medium skin tone) # 2 mirrored versions # .dae and .blend files
  2. Seeking: Skilled BENTO animator for a custom animation (.bvh) delivered through e-mail Additional info: What I'm looking for is a basic hand and arm animation for a mesh phone To keep it fair, I'm offering 50% payment upfront, 50% after delivery of the file. Please contact Alvaelle Resident with your quote or by e-mail: alvaellesl at gmail dot com ♥
  3. Looking to get a rather simple Bento Hand animation done. Full perms, including the bvh file needed. Please contact alvaellesl (at) gmail (dot) com or Alvaelle Resident inworld! Thank you so much
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