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  1. Women do you start conversations or are you waiting for someone to say something then decide if it is interesting to continue or not ?

    When you start are you using the advice you are sharing here. As a man so many time conversation starts in 5 steps

    1- Hi or Hello

    2- I reply Hi or Hello

    3 How are you? or something similar

    4. When I don't care I say 'I am ok' or I am fine etc... Sometimes I like to be provocative and say 'I am bad' I am not well etc..

    5  - Nice to hear

    6 ---> The real conversation could start.. Sometimes I don't do step 1 to 5 but start at the 6 and come back to the 1 afterward. Because it is very impolite to start a conversation without saying 'Hello' At least in my culture.

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  2. I have a question about BoM Backed on Mesh. Is it for body and head or only head. I must say that skins for mesh is a real nightmare for me. Very confusing with layer, applier and other omega kit systems and omega kit reley for head and for bodies.


    Is skin is still called skin with mesh or does it have an other name like layer or omega.

  3. On 4/28/2019 at 3:51 PM, Pheonixphyre Mesmeriser said:

    yes the language barrier is a difficult thing for people.. they used to have translators for in world, but i've noticed that they don't seem to work very good anymore.

    Translator is nice if you know nothing of a language. Sometimes I use to talk with russian or brazilian.  It does not work in private IM.  And it has not subtlety and the translator does not understand the context.

    the hardest is to understand rules. At first I though that in SL all was free. Not like in RL. But it is worst. You have cloth : you are ejected because you are sudenly in nude beach and no nude are allowed. You are nude you are ejected on other place. You have normal cloth you are ejected because you need special cloth.  If you play role play it is worst you need to learn rules a big book of rules. It is a real work a real study. All that in a stange language that I understand partly. Otherwise life is good and we can meet non judgemental people who understand and have patience.

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  4. Not sure to understand well your need. But I understand that you need friends. Real friends with who you are confortable with. We have all our difficulties. Sometimes when you don't do things like we must do. People judge you. Yes !!! I experienced that. For example you are not good in an area. But people say : You are not good in that you should do like this like that. Instead of telling. I accept you like you are. I am sure you will be good later...  I am feeling different sometimes too. Like if I am refugees  but I met really nice friends.

    I am confortable with contact one - one. In group in SL that is an other story.  I don't know why but with a grout it add difficulties. Difficulties in languages and understanding too many things. That is why my level is one - one. I need to learn how to be with more than one person.

    Lately I met someone who is a friends maker. She is not only friendly with me. She helps and she created contacts with other. She created situation to know each other. This is an angel maybe. I can introduce her if you contact me in SL IM.

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  5. 28 minutes ago, Zeta Vandyke said:


    Thank you all for your remarks, responses etc...

    I still have to learn how to be more patient, to know that SL has all kind of people all kind of expectations all kind of protocol.

    How can I close the topic? Because I think I open it and would like to do closed.


  6. Sometimes I vary and invent a new protocol but not people understand it. Some people maybe think that impolite. Or inapropriate.


    For exemple

    I start by an information (the most important) or a question

    Then I continue Bye How are you (I hate that question. I hate when People ask me that question I hate asking it but now I know this is the protocole if I don't do it is not working)

    Then I say Hi


    That is not impolite but I think this is just cultural. And as anticonformist and kind of rebel this is the way I am. I always try to be polite and respond. I rarely ignore someone except when I don't receive the message or I cannot. And I say Sorry I am busy.

    The reverse order.

    But Now I am off of topic. 

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  7. Even for gesture gesture. I always wanted to know how to have real gesture. Movement or face expression. I find hard to clic clic clic clic to just move my hand. they should be an easy way to use maybe on day I will discover it. But now I learn that you could create a short cut /something maybe that the way I should use it.

  8. thank you Lindal...  and I found other helps because retrun line didn't be used. It was not possible to put an assci art for example.  I will try this method.  If is not a question if it is good or not or if emote is good etc.. It is just the question how to do it. After how we use and what do we prefer is an other story.

    This is my learning curve. 



    Maybe one day I will discover how to put picture in profile and how to user other font. But now I am in Gesture.



  9. I understand something about SL these last day.  (I still have problems to understand SL and the culture behind)

    I expect to meed available people. But most of them are busy in SL and / or in RL.   I am here to find someone to talk or friends.  I open my friendlist and see 2 or 3 'contacts' online. And I  Start 'hi'  That is my method.


    But not all people are waiting like me waiting  that someone speak. I am really happy when someone say 'hi' to me and happy when the conversation continue with more than 3 sentences.


    I am on SL first to talk second to have conversation then to have friend. I though that would be the start, the basic then to to other things. This is level 1.

    But many people are at level 2, 3 4 or 1000

    I am still at level one. That is the reason I don't understand people at level 3 or 4.





  10. Reading the instruction For the first time I see the difference between play localy and in word

    I always play localy because I never understood what in word means and actually localy means only for me ???

  11. Starting to understand the instruction. It is explained how to create a gesture. But  How to replace a gesture by a text ? It is not explained. 

    I have trigger /hey 

    I imagine you can have other code ? Where is the list ?


    I suppose this is a code. You need to know that /hey mean something,

    Replace with  Hey!

    Where can I replace a gesture by a text ?

  12. Today I was fishing and a friend of my send a text in the local chat


    ><((((º>  Thanks for the Fishies <º))))><
                      |\                               /|
                      |  \     ☻            ☻    / |
                      |    \ / ▌\         / ▌\ /   |
                      |       / \    ♥     / \       |
            ~*~*  ><((((º>ʂ<º))))><  *~*~


    I ask her how she did. At first I though it was copy past. But it is not easy to have a text file with such  things...


    she said : it is a gesture ???



    Untill now gesture was gesture. How was we write something with a gesture. I must say tha I never used gesture. I try it and find it so hard to find.

    Open inventore > scroll scroll sroll > find gesture > and then click or I don't know how to use it.


    My question is What can we do with gesture ? Why gesture is not esy to use. In RL we don't have to scroll scroll scroll to find a gesture. And last question how to write that kind of thing.


  13. Log off, switch off your computer go out and delete the application of your compture and phone,


    Why do you want to stay in SL if you have no motivation. So many people are addicted and want to stop but cannot. for you it is opposite.


    Just make a break

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  14. I think there are much more RL men with female avi than opposite.

    Why I am thinking that ? Just because I see much many females.

    Personnaly I try to have a female avi and My conclusion is that it is much more easy. In RL world I always hear that there is no equality between man and women etc etc but in SL that is the case. SL is a female dominant game.

    How many female write they are bi?  are they real female ? I just ask the question. Why are they so many lesbian much more that in RL?

    What is interesting in beeing female is the interaction between the oposite sex. It is much more easy to talk to a female as a female. As a male you are by defaut an enemy. Lesbian place are 'safe'.


  15. That discussion about mixing SL and RL feeling is not old. The first post date of 2011 but it is still.

    It is like our emotion 'exagerated'  or amplified in RL. An other thing I notice in SL is that nothing is solid. All is illusion. On day you have a friend a good relationship or anything. and...

    Like a mirage it disappears.

    The disparition could have many reasons : One have not time for SL. Or motivation of one person is degreases. Or whatever reason. But at the end nothing left.

    I will love forever ---> that sentense has no sens in SL. In RL it is not sens because our life is short (80 years) but in SL how long is the expectation of relationship in average ? 30 days ? Of course you could reply I am in relationship in SL for years etc.. but I am not sharing official statistics but only my feeling and my experience.

  16. I know this is not the right place to make this suggestion because any improvement has been made in sl for long time

    But it would be nice ot have a kind of contact list not friend list.  We can keep the contact in our directory like we keep landmark.  We want to find a contact or talk with but it is not really a friend

    Personaly the majority of my contacts list are only contact not friend.  sometimes I start the talk and it ends after 2 sentences. That means that he or she has no motivation to share things with me. this contact I would like to delete but I had in the past a very good connection and I dont want to loose it.

  17. I like the word conversationalist like all words ending with ist.  Populist capitalist comunist dramatist.

    If I am good at conversationalist : depends of other. I imagine the question is about SL. One to one is much more easy as I can concentrate on only one person and listen to only one person. Sometimes it is easy and leads to really interesting discussion. Sometimes I ask closed question (yes/no) but actually I want a developped answer and I have : yes !!!

    Always ask question with HOW you need to explain a little bit more but even with that interogatif word sometimes people answer 'good' !!!!

    I must say that in SL talking with stranger is much more easy that in RL but often I am the only one who talk. People don't want to talk. And politly answer the minimum when I want they share theire values dreams or future hope.

    As a non english I like conversation like jazz music. I mean I like to talk many topics mixt in the same time. I talk always with short sentences but more often. I hate monologue. But that is just cultural


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  18. Hello

    I add also my name in this list. As you maybe notices in differents post where I explain the same thing but with differents perpectives or view how it is not easy to make friends. Making friends is not easy any more in SL. I don't know what is wrong. Probably it is me. I don't make things in the right order or I think maybe people wants to be alone doing I don't know what.

    People can put word like social anxiety or shy or or or. I could choose a name like that and tell I have this problem or I don't know.

    If you stay in the corner nobody talk with you. except if you break the rules for example. That is for me one way to tell 'hey I  exist and playing in SL is also breaking the rules'

    If I start talking The success is 10% I mean I need to start 10 times to have something that is like a conversation

    And I can add people sometimes in my contact list. I think the name friend list is wrong.  But I notice that once someone is in my contact list. It is me that has to start again 'hi' Sometimes people simply disappear. I think when people disappear they could simple just create a new avi.

    Finaly the last problem I have is that I am feeling lost wiht other aspects. For me SL is a game but I see people 'working'. working is not playing. I don't come here to play. I don't come here to have the same restriction that in RL but sometimes it is worst. In some place we need to be nude in some place nude is forbiden. In some place you have to be red in some place you have to wear black or in special way. Most of the time I don't understand all theses rules because they are not clear and reading in english is so tirering.

    Lastely the time zone is a problem. If you are 24h per day in SL as maybe do, I can't. I come here sometimes 1 or 2 hours per day or weeks sometimes more sometimes less. I notice when you play less you are more feeling strenger. When you play more you dive in it and I start understanding what is behind sl a little bit.

    Anyway I don't know if all I write have a meaning or not.  I also very often face misunderstanding. I am much more confortable with one - one communication than with a group. I don't know why.  Maybe because with one one I can be concentrated on the other : vocabulary way ot talking  interest etc... and that is impossible with a group and much more strangers.

    When you are alone you don't learn or it is much more slower. people simply don't want to teach you or explain you. It is like if you have level 0 to 10

    0 you start

    1 you talk and you can move

    2 you work on your avatar

    3 you socialise

    4 you have a home

    5. you build and create


    9 you are the boss or Linden Lab


    I am level 2 or 3 but cannot go further and the topic of this post is number 1 and 2.


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