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  1. Thank you for your link that remind me that it exists  pages that people wrote. But but but I can start and I already read that. It helps. I recall you that reading english demand me a huge effort. And if for exemple I need to know what is texture for sl ... I can start reading lot and lot of pages... I will learn few new concept. or I still can use the search "texture". What is a texture?.


    And I don't find anything!!! Or I find many things where the concept of texture is needed to go further.

    Is texture a sl word ?  Is a word that every body should know and that is no reason to explain ?

    This is only an example.

    You have many other concepts terms or words that are used and not explained and if you don't understand it you are disadvantaged and confused.  This texture was my starting point. But you have so many terms or concept that is needed as prerequisite to start playing.

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  2. I realised that I am missing so many basics concept and vocabulary. Why is it so hard to understand what the word rez means for example. Why this language needs so long to be understood. This is just an example. But this morning I realised that I didn't and I still don't understand the concept or texture.

    I received a hat. And as this hat was to big and did not fit my head I started to change it. But the color was not nice. It was a good example to play with right clic and edit the object but I meet the concept of texture. Is it just a image a picture but in the inventory you have photo album and texture. In texture I have photo too. So now I am very confused and I realised that I don't know what is a texture. All lessons in sl assumed that the prerequisit is that every body know what is a texture. And nowhere I meet a definition. So a face walls and I block.

    Some people suggest to follow sl course. I tryed but I was lost. It was so fast and I didn't know course for beginer. I even don't know if I need a beginer course.

    What is the best method to learn SL?

    Is it building course?

    And when we need to 'learn' SL' The social aspect is missing often in this kind of lesson. We learn how to create a cube but we never learn how to communicate with other people. How to act how to play etc.. I am learning by myself like a baby but it needs so long. That is why I am asking this question.

    I know you will give me links or youtube video or even courses in SL for new people. But all that is so confused and often the prerequisit is not mentioned and I realised that I didn't meet it. The lesson for beginer is so boring too.

    What is your suggestion ? I am always asking 'stupid' question that people are angry against me. And they don't understand my needs. They are not empathic. I think in SL empathy is the main things that is missing. People do not know how is the other people. So they block or ignore it.

    What is the best method to learn SL? The best method for you in your experience and a good path to learn it.

    What is according to you the most important concept to know? To start playing.  I know SL for years but it is like I do not know anything and I am feeling like a new player.

    What is the best method to learn SL?



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  3. On 11/23/2019 at 1:56 AM, vixiestardust said:

    Thanks everyone. I will check out the recommendations. It's so weird that in a place so social I have a hard time finding people to talk to.

    I don't think it depends of the location. It just depends of the people. I notice that some people are here but don't want to have more friends. They are here for ... Other purpose. They should have lot of friends or they are here for 'work'. I am not here for 'work' I work in RL for me (I will shock lot of people) SL is a game. I play here. If I don't play with other people I play alone. Of couse it is not as fun playing alone. But socialising a a game. You can loose. (You try to make friends and you cannot) or you can win (you meet a really nice person with whom you are fine with).


  4. I wanted to add something with the debate : talking in Private (IM) against public (Nearby chat)

    When I talk in public, often have the the impression that there is no reaction and I am talking alone. After a while that makes me really strange to continue talking to 'everybody' in fact talking to 'nobody' or talking to myself.

    When I talk in IM the chance I have a response is higher. Depending of the context the chance is 85% to 10%. That means statisticaly I need in the worst case to do 10 try to get one.  It is not as bad.  But I know that I have sometimes a unluck to have 9 failed against 1 win.  It is part of the game. I gues who is willing to play. I guess it to myself who is willing to talk.



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  5. I am still confused. Some people say yes some other no. No the way we need to wear cloth is very unrealistic. In real life we never have cloth like that only in movie but never in real life. Personaly I never see people wearing cloth like that. But sl is not real life. Alway I notice that some people say ... Like in real life  bla bla bla. No SL is not real life. No the communication is not like real it is like SL.  If you start telling it is like real life it is really confusing.

    I am not complaining at all. I read some people telling that. Just trying to understand.

  6. I don't do really role play because  there are so many rules and I don't understand them and I like to break them on purpose. But my question is why do we not consider Franz elite as a role play place. People are really playing a role. Women do their role to search the perfect charming prince and reject normal people. Men do the role as asking for dance etc... And this place does not exist in real life. It is only in movie. In normal life we never dress in all black and long dress like in 17e century.

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  7. On 11/12/2019 at 3:38 PM, clone00345 said:

    In USA they ask all the time but they don't want to hear your honest answer, its just a pleasantry like hello. You are expected to reply "I am good thank you, how are you?" I personally ignore the question and just say hi or hello in reply.

    I hate the question "how are you" and sometimes I reply I am bad or I am not very well and sometimes I detail a little bit more. And I know that it is a reason why people don't want to talk with me because for me it is like a role play and I am not playing right.

    If you say I am not good Sometime you have answer - why

    But you never get why you are good. This world is not logic. You can say I am good because the sun shine and everybody is nice with me smile

  8. 3 minutes ago, Conall DeCuir said:

    Demo, Demo, Demo. A Profile is the Demo of the Character and it helps to read it (really reading it) to see if there is any compatibility. You are not contacting just everyone in RL also i am sure. Many people are not compatible. Also, don't try so hard or harder as it's a good way to piss people off who just do not want. 

    In case me IMing anyone, i have read their profiles and found something which interests me at the person and then i write something 'personal' ... and give them time to read my profile :) (which is atm a bit more empty as it used to be) and in case there is a nice conversation evolving, we can couple dance, otherwise we won't do that. Btw, i prefer IMs in higher traffic places as i have open chat usually covered by a notecard or a pic .. it's to much and to fast for me.)

    As for the clothes for us men ............ there is a *****load of really great clothes available for us. I hear the women i am with constantly moaning because the textures are better and the clothes are much more interesting and detailed. 

    I don't believe in profile. I know only someone after few interaction. Most profile are meaningfulless. I mean it is not personal. They copy from the net something ununderstandable and that have absolutly no meanings


    Here is an exemple of profile I just pick up now

    "'' Mande seus problemas à merda e suas doenças irão com eles... '' (Adriαηø Vєrαs)'' Mande seus problemas à merda e suas doenças irão com eles... '' (Adriαηø Vєrαs)"

    If you understand something you are lucky and many profiles are like that.

  9. 4 hours ago, Lewis Luminos said:

    This is totally not my experience at all. I am a man and have been using a male avatar since 2006.

    Talking to people isn't hard if you engage with them in local chat first. Get involved in the active conversation. If there is no active conversation, the problem isn't that you're male, it's that you're in the wrong place. And if your goal is to pick up women, then "Second Life" is probably the wrong place.

    And that, I think, is part of the reason that SL fails for many men; because they come here with unrealistic expectations of SL as a dating service. It is a really terrible dating service, because the majority of women are not using it as a dating service at all.

    Another thing SL is (now) bad at, is making money. If your expectation is to make SL your sole source of income, well that ain't gonna happen now, unless you are already a 3d-modeller to professional standard.

    Why does SL work for me, when it doesn't work for other men? Well to begin with, my reason for coming to SL was the music, and that's why I am still here, 13 years later. Music is one of the things that SL continues to do well. Also, I am not and have never been a gamer, so I have never compared SL against the quality or content of any other game. I think most men who come to SL do so because they think it's another game, and they are inevitably disappointed.

    I am not in SL for dating reason. I am here to talk with people of everywhere in the planet.  Interesting meeting people from russia or Argentina or Algeria etc.. Then lerning english then learning how to build then simply to have friend and talk. Yes It is very hard for me. I get blocked mute and simply ignored. But I think it is normal because I don't know how to play then I try harder and I am learning with my mistake. 


    Most people are not helful or just friendly. It is just my experience.


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  10. On 11/11/2019 at 3:59 AM, Krave4it said:

    I often wonder why do so many women think immediately about sex when you say


    I have exactly the same question.


    Hypothese. They had bad experiences with some guys and now they take care and break all communication with men at the strick minimum to be polite. They are dreaming of the charming non existing prince and they know men are normal so they are disapointed.

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  11. Playing SL as a male is hard.

    - If you need a nice avatar you have 10% of items than female

    - If you want to talk with a female. You are disadvantaged. Female hate males and prefer females. (hate is maybe exagerate but at least you are not welcome) As a male I am always feeling that I disturbe.  if you approach a female she already think that the male want to ***** and try to make the conversation hard telling you that you didn''t start correctly because stating a conversation with hi is not good you need to start with more words. As male you need to be the best and do all the leading. You have not the right to be starter and to be learner. Rarely female start a conversation with male. As a male if you don't start you never talk with a female. If you go in some place people are really strange. I was for example in Franks and pleople are afk most of the time. When they are alive they are really strange and talking a strange language. then they block you.

    Yes Second Life is a game for female and male are not welcome.


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  12. Today I am happy that this place will close.


    I try to go to this place when I learn that it will close. But I notice that it is very hard to enter in communication with people. I am feeling like I disturbe. Feeling like a stranger who don't understand the rules. Each time when I talk with peole either I get blocked either the conversation stopt either and this is the way I prefer my talker tells me to stop talking with. This is definitively not a good place for me. No one understand me and I don't understand the rules of this role play. The first step is very deep to enter. And I am feeling so bad to not play successfully

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  13. Starting conversation with someone new my experience tonight., I had the idea to go to Frantz because this place will close soon and I thought It would be a good idea to meet new people and why not to have friends.


    Fist I see someone, read the profile  that is telling something about humor. Good I think I have humor and I start talking first. After few lines, I try my first joke. She said that I am young. I said that in 1 day is like 1 month and as I was 2 years old and she was 9 years I said. She could be my grandma. And then reply that I am stupid. and stop. --> maybe not the right person for such kind of humor.  Btw I wish to have a mom or grandma on sl someone to teach me how to do etc...


    second conversation

    - Hi


    - Hello


    - "a little better, but! still needs work"

    - I thought that she reply to the wrong IM but actually it was for me. We continue to talk and she explain me that I didn't start the conversation correctly. This is exactly the subject of this forum. I say that I always start conversation with hi or hello etc... We talk but it was like if I was in a job interview and I miss the start and try to correct the interview but at the end  it was a total disaster.


    I never thought that just talking with someone could be so challenging. I must to say that sometimes I am a little reactive or provocative on purpose . Then this second convesation was not a success.


    number 3 someone say hi .. but the conversation stop  after 3 lines.



    My conclusion. Some people have huge expectation on conversation. For me it is just simple and must be pleasant for all. But I realised that that STARTING A CONVERSATION COULD BE CHALLENGING.


    So I agree with the first reation.


  14. - The hardest things for me in SL is the inventory. You spend almost all your time for searching copy past, renaming adding wearing etc... things  in folders. Inventory is all in SL. If you understand it you understand most of it

    - Second you need a good level of english. It is excellent to learn english but sometimes it is too much. You understand but you don't understand. You think you understand but you understand other things that the reality.

    - Then of course avatar and the complexity of type of cloth and attachement.

    - Vocalulary is not easy to understand. After years I still don't understand some words like rezzing or inworld or prims etc... I know in theory but I never use them and when someone use this words I don't understand the whole sentense.

    -  On other things is the temporality. You talk with someone you have a very good conversation. We get friends and more and then pluf . It is like it never exists. Disparition!!!


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  15. 22 minutes ago, Rolig Loon said:

    "Hello" is fine, but it doesn't invite a reply.  By itself, it's rather a dead greeting.  Try, "Hello.

    Humm for me Hello is not a dead greeting but invite the other to say at least Hello. You can stop after if you want.  Otherwise I take that  to be not polite.

    Hello for me means : 'I am here' or 'I see you' ' I wish you a nice day' etc..  But I am sure I am wrong because english is not my language. It is only my feeling.

  16. I agree. This shop is a disaster the search is not relevant. You have no filter to remove demo this is the most anoying part. you cannot search for specific brand. For exemple shirt for Slink


    In other shops you can search and make filter by brand, and many other criterias. 


    One other things I remark is that I find many times the same article. Dupplicated articles or the sql query  is not correct.


    An other criteria would be - classic - mesh because I already did a mistake and buy a classic cloth thinking it was mesh. Or buying demo without noticing it.


    It is a disaster but better than shop in the game. Because you need to wait too long to see something. 1 mn per item. so search in shops in the game is worst.  Finding was always my problems. I get spam everyday of unsolicited things.  The first thngs I do is deleting all message. But when I need something I don't know how to search to find it.

    Exemple I need a skin for Altamura and AK head. This is a real challenge. Hopfully I have this forum with lot of friendly and nice helpfull people.

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