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  1. When I go to apply the alpha from my lelutka head for BOM head and body along with the BOM layer for my legacy body, I get a classic skin coming through on the body only is there something I’m missing to do?
  2. Is it possible to stream Netflix in world where it syncs for those in my home? i have the AVEN tv that syncs and then Xcontrol. Is there better ones that will allow us to watch netflix?
  3. Selling mainland Parcel 16,384 m² 5,000 Prims for 16k Lindens! Beautiful Area with Great Views of Sunset & Sunrise. Grassy Area in the center located on the Wilcutt. Reasonable offers will also be considered. All items Located on the Parcel are non transferable Parcel is located http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Wilcutt/207/21/44
  4. Thank you! Not sure what any of that means but now i have something to look into . :)) Thanks Luna
  5. Sorry for the likely stupid question but, Is it possible to purchase animations and add them to furniture like Chez Moi or Nerenzo for example. Mainly Looking at Bits and Bobs animations.
  6. I think honestly you could do it in a whole SIM easy... theres enough room to make it happen. I would talk to Count burks with Dreamworld i bet he could help make this happen. I would be willing to help as well... I think this is a great idea
  7. Beautiful Water Front Parcel 4,096 SQ M parcel for sale $5000 Lindens message me in world oxlunabellaxo
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