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  1. Update - I just got word that I am not the only one having an issue like this between Skrill and LL right now. Apparently there are several people and all within the last week. This is very concerning as I assure you Skrill is not owning up to the fact that they messed up, or something went wrong in their system. They have also lied to me, twice now about making contact with LL when I have been very much assured by LL and a supervisor at LL that they have made contact with them, and the supervisor at LL are still in contact with Skrill trying to resolve this issue. Actually when I was on the p
  2. Well the last thing I need rn is getting my account banned or something, anything negative. I have no issue with LL though, they have been great and really helpful. My issue is with Skrill. I will never, EVER again use Skrill. Last night was my final straw. LL had said that Skrill made contact with them, and that Skrill would be returning the funds to my account. I never heard anything from Skrill though, so again I waited until 3 AM my time when their office opened to call. The agent said there was nothing on file stating they heard back from LL and that Skrill would be returning my fund
  3. I have called them back, I have called a few times now and they have said "unfortunately this is just how our system works and you will have to wait for the ticket to be processed" blah blah blah. I called Skrill again last night to see if they could cancel the payment and put the money back in my account, but they said they could not because LL had already accepted the payment. Sooo the rep at Skrill gave me another transaction I.D. number, only this time it was the received money transaction I.D. number. So I added that to my ticket obviously. I also just called Linden Labs back again asking
  4. Sorry about that, I am using my phone right now and didn't even realize it was so long until I hit post. My support ticket is very brief and to the point. I am just curious if anyone else has had this issue and what their final outcome was. And also, how long should a support ticket such as this take to process approximately?
  5. So I just recently had a pretty major issue happen on Thursday January 31st at nearly 3:30 AM my time, almost 12:30 AM SL time. Aprox. 2 hours before trying to purchase some lindens in the amount of $49.99 US total I added $50 US to my Skrill account, which left it with a total of $50.04 US. When I tried making the purchase it said something went wrong and it had failed and declined. So I continued to keep trying, at different amounts, usually lesser because I thought maybe $49.99 US was too much for whatever reason. My last attempt was for $49.99 US again, at which it also said it failed and
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