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  1. Aaa... well tough luck for me 😦. Its my fault since I bought it without a second thought on preparing myself, though I wish he specified by standard UV map because I thought he meant the one that comes with the game. Thank you for answering.
  2. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/AA-Meshes-Sturdy-Gal-Scale-x100/9251050 here u go.
  3. Hello. I apparently have a IQ less than 6 and don't really understand these instructions that came with my mesh. It was about applying textures on a shell mesh (the "clothing mesh" or something like that). It read: " ::Applying textures on the Body Shell(s) (the clothing layer):: 11.) Select the chest of the Body Shell for select the top group of faces. 12.) Locate the upper cloth texture you will use, and drag it to the Texture box of the Edit Tool window. 13.) Repeat steps 6 and 7, but select the forearms instead, and the same for the hands. 14
  4. Hello I’m a New guy i recently bought a mesh avatar, and it came with these things called shells, which look exactly like the normal avatar, but the creator said they would help with cloths fitting to the mesh. My other question is about these lines that appear on the avatar template. What does the colored lines mean? The green haze?
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