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  1. boob deformer suggestions needed...

    is there any 'deformer' i can get to control the actual shape of the boobs for kupra bodies?  The kupra butt shape is fine with me and i have no issues with the butt at all.

    Is the deformer for the Session V-Bento ***** the only deformer out there people are recommending for Kupra?  Cuz thats the only one I see talked about in past forums.


    The kupra body with small boobs...  I like the kupra body with smaller boobs. But, I'd like to control the boob shape more.  I'm not fond of the boob 'shape'.

    I also like the original kupra body... But, when i make the boobs 'smaller' with the slider the shape of the boobs gets very 'odd.'  Same issue....  I don't like the 'shape' of the boobs.

    Appreciate any help or suggestion.

  2. 23 hours ago, norajulian said:

    The horns are a gacha by Tentacio - cute dark horns RARE.

    The original post w/ credits is here.

    ty so much...  i should have known tentacio...  love them.  was just looking at their gatchas other day but must have missed these.  

  3. On 4/29/2021 at 10:01 PM, norajulian said:

    Have you looked at these from Sweet Thing: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Sweet-Thing-Demon-Hooves-Maitreya-Legacy-Hourglass-Isis-Freya-UPDATED-FOR-LEGACY-F-Perfect-for-demon-succubus/15402675

    You should be able to tint them and the leg blender to your mesh body without sacrificing too many “regular clothes” as these don’t go quite as high. 

    perhaps these as well, although more limited in body type: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Aeris-Cloven-Hooves/16225575



    ty...  im going to go back to sweet thing and look at those.  i think in my head i liked the texture of the fawn legs.  but...  it does concern me that the sweet thing 'fawn' legs seem to make the body larger.  so it does effect what u can wear.

  4. I have looked at the 'sweet thing' fawn legs and I like them.  but...  im kinda wanting to wear my normal clothes.  and...  i don't feel like i can do that with the sweet thing fawn leg set... 

    so i feel i was looking for more like 'fawn' legs that go from thigh to feet...  I'm also open to hoof type shoes if u have any recommendations.  

  5. 3 minutes ago, Rowan Amore said:

    There are literally hundreds of lashes on the MP.  No big secret but so many do look similar it would be hard to know the exact store.


    I appreciate the info...  However...  For anyone familiar with Lelutka heads such as myself...  Its very clear that its extremely difficult to find Lelutka lashes that are not natural looking.  If you want thicker more false lash looking well designed lashes...  Those are harder to find.  I'm not interested in searching all over mp because I already have.  I've also looked inworld and have bought many lashes for Lelutka.

  6. On 1/19/2021 at 4:05 PM, Nalates Urriah said:

    No one really knows. So they can't give you an objective answer. The best we can do is some anecdotal personal experiences. So you have 6 or 7 data points from the 30k to 60k concurrent users on each day. That is a really small sample.

    I doubt there is any good way to tell how SL is or isn't changing culture-wise. I suspect SL simply follows RL culture changes.

    There are a load of sex places that are well populated.

    The Sands - usually 15 to 30 people any time of day, people are talking in IM and only some times does a fun local chat get going. Usually around the striper pole. In the porn theater people are in IM or watching the video. People do hump in public at the Sands. But we are script limited there. Add my genitals, Its Not Mine, some toys, and soon I'm getting warnings I'll be ejected for too many scripts. If I do tough it out I have to deal with excessive lag. It is better to go to their place or mine or a beach or club with low lag.

    oRgAsMs - Is almost always busy. Lots of newbies. People do have sex in public.

    Monica's LustHouse - This has recently changed. There used to always be lots of people there. Not so many now. They do have sex in public but it is a laggy place for having sex. For a time the LMs took you to a ground location and you had to find your way up to the lounge. I think they did that to show people the rest of places available in this region. Now the old LMs take you to the lounge as they used to.

    Bumrose in Eden - This is a fun place but with script limits and a requirement to have spent some money on your avatar. The later isn't enforced. People sail or motor into the island with their boats. Lots of sex going on in public when anyone is there... typically 3 to 10 and more of an SL AM time of day place.



    Thank you for stating that about Lusthouse...  It has gone through so many poor changes lately is extremely unfortunate.  Even on their best days lately there are few people there, talking much less engaging in anything.  Its sad.  Was thinking the other day I wish they would just make it the same design that it was before because that is what worked.

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  7. I have several from michan but they are in my opinion more 'natural' where as i want more 'dramatic.'  I will look again at pout but..  i was not too turned on by those particular ones.  Hopefully people will keep commenting so I can get my hands on some I like.  smile

  8. I am still on the lookout for extreme, thick and dramatic lashes for Lelutka evo heads...  If anyone know where i can find any please let me know.

    I have already looked on mp, inworld at many of the larger makeup stores and i constantly look at the creator flicker page for lelutka with no luck.

  9. I think its important to take into consideration also that bloggers in sl do not get 'paid'...  They only get a fatpack most of the time in return for meeting deadlines, taking pics that everyone approves of and pushing the product on social media.  The creators who create items are talented.  However...  The bloggers are needed to help the creators get known, be see on social media, etc.  One does not work without the other.  One is not more important than the other.  

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  10. I could not understand the utuber clearly...  It seems they are called 'punkless'...  or...  'punklist'

    I looked on mp and inworld under both names and cannot seem to locate a lash store under either name.  Please give me the actual LM if u got it.  ty



  11. 5 minutes ago, RowanMinx said:

    It used to be at the store.  Like an ao for new people.  The only one I see on his MP store is this one.  The one he used to have was cheaper.  He may have gotten rid of the free one when he started the web based version.  I just like his because you can add all of your animations with drag and drop.  No note cards.


    Like I mentioned, I just pulled out ONLY the animations.  Leave all scripts and note cards inside.

    Yes, all animations work.  Dances as well with an invite for others to join.

    Can you tell me how u went about removing the animations that came with the akeyo hud u have?  I have a feeling I will buy it then won't be able to figure out how to remove the animations that are already on it.

  12. Just now, RowanMinx said:

    I was not impressed with that version.  I used it briefly then went back to the classic Akeyo.  I purchased the cheap one which had a couple animations preinstalled.  Took those out and have added ones I've purchased.  The whole web interface was a nightmare IMO.  Simple is better for me.

    i wish to have one also.  do you know the link of the classic akeyo ao ur referring to?  I would like to get that one for me.  And...  can u tell me if u can use normal standing, dance, swim, etc ao on the one ur referring to?  ty


  13. 19 minutes ago, RowanMinx said:

    Are scripts enabled there?  Are you getting any kind of message when you drag them into the HUD?  Personally, I'd try at home.  Those sandboxed can get laggy as heck.

    ty for the comment...  we will try at the house.  The only message that was coming up said something like, 'it seems something went wrong when you tried adding ur ao.'  My friend did write to the creator on the official website also.  We will see if they get back with a response.

  14. I got the 'akeyo nitro hud' as a gift for a friend.  and now its not working.  

    When the 'akeyo nitro hud' is dragged to the ground none of the ao or dance from inventory are able to be dragged into the 'akeyo nitro hud.'  This process was attempted on the 'london sandbox'...  if anyone has any suggestion on why this may not be working please let me know.

    Do you feel its not working because we were using the 'london sandbox'?  Would it work better on the land my house is located on?


    I could not find a picture of it.  but this is the site online.  http://www.akeyo.de/nitro/help/index.php

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