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  1. But initially who wrote that this was all a sham, was the srvergilsparda avatar. I just agreed because I was going through the same problem.
  2. 2 days without any response from land owner and manager.
  3. All you've done here is buying a fight that was never yours. And it will not remain yours. You visibly have a serious problem of lack of attention both in reading the text and in your own personality. A person like you who seriously needs a fight to be right is pitiful and advisable to look for a psychiatrist in real life. We are two tenants with the same problem. Me and srvergilsparda. And what he said represents me because he was going through the same problem that me. Everyone has obligations in real life, I work in real life to buy lindens with my own money. And if there is someone who i
  4. If it were just a time zone problem in which the owner of the land would not be able to enter the SL, How to explain the status of his activity here in the forum? And already there were 2 days of lost rent for us.
  5. If you are not the owner of the property then why are you taking the lead in this discussion? Are you some kind of alternate owner account or He's paid you for it? I believe the forum was made to help and not to fight. All you're doing is creating fights. So far you have done nothing to help us. I see in your profile that you are inside the group. Why do not you stop fighting with us and send us an invitation to join us in the group? Can you do that? If not, your opinion and relevance here means nothing.
  6. If you knew how to read and interpret a text correctly you would have already understood what I and the other tenant were saying. But if you want I'll step by step how you should interpret the texts above. 1- We're not in the group. (Was that clear to you or not yet?) I never said that I talked in the group chat, I contacted the owner and manager of the group and the tenants who are listed there openly. (if you open the initial screen of the group, you will see the names of the members) 2- There is no button to enter the group. (we need the owner and the manager for this) 3- The objects
  7. That's all I have to say, too. Second Life every day goes by disappointing me with the large number of pieces of ***** and irresponsible people.
  8. You're not understanding us. We are not in the group, because if we were there we would not be here complaining. We can not enter the group because it needs someone from the administration to put us inside so that we can thus rez in our objects and control the privacy of our house.
  9. What kind of word should I use if it's been more than 36 hours since I rented the place where I can not enjoy anything?
  10. If you had the same problem as me and the srvergilsparda before it is already clear that this dump does not treat your tenants correctly, why have not they fixed this problem in the group yet? Have other people objects in my house and I I can not return that either.
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