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  1. I'm trying to get a specific type of hud..you see I'm going to doing a magic show at a event a friend of mine is hosting I'm trying to find some huds that summon things preferable live things like a group of faires that float into the sky before fading or something similar something abit more thematic in nature as it were any ideas or help?
  2. first sorry if this isn't the [proper forum for this I made a neko angel avatar i'm trying to find scars and or open wounds for fitted kimono or can be put on kitted kimono with gold blood I don't know if there are any or if ill have to find a way to mod it oh also she has water/ice powrs light powers and card magic i'm trying to find huds for each help with that too would be great
  3. Does anyone know a radio or a music box that allows one to use Pandora inside of SL
  4. Okay so umm I need a step by step instructions sorry...
  5. Um I'm the sub me bought the collar for myself she the dom and mostly she wants to leash and walk me or cuddle me without a posebasll stuff like that she still my f riebd but we like rping alot anyway yah
  6. Okay so I always wear a rlv collar thats not claimed and this has never gappened befire i only have aa phone currently so I don't know how to help She can't access it when she right clicks the collar this appears Well commands for you to do - |||| 1. Right-click the item in your inventory and select Add. 2. Call your Main Menu for the first time either by: Touching your neck or the collar/necklace Selecting the menu icon in your Wearer's Remote by typing <prefix> menu Your <prefix> are the first two letters of your username i.e. Wendy Starfall = we She just started 5 days ago and I've never had issues befire she said she just now activated elf for the first time soooo.. Yah I need abit if help any suggestions
  7. I'm betting this is a stupid question but how do I get the Maitreya Mesh Body
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