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  1. THAT is amazing. I never would have guessed the pieces were being SLIGHTLY rotated. Only the affected pieces, when selected, were 359.95 instead of 0. Wtf? When I put them back, it fixes my wall!! This helps so much!
  2. I've logged into the wrong account for this but please, if you do, message xghostwolfx resident, not xghostwolf. Thank you
  3. I'm no expert builder, but I bought Zimberlab's mesh wall pack and have been playing with it for some time. I'm working on the fourth prototype of this particular house, after learning more and more tools that help me make it perfect. I last learned about the align tool. I've made a floor or two before calling it a day and I know that everything was lined up PERFECTLY. I've found out that linking it causes it to screw up, so I've left it unlinked, and scooped it all up. This time when I rezzed it, pieces are STILL becoming unaligned. I see the edges of a straight wall that took
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