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  1. Hi Cindy I am new to this and don't know where live chat is?
  2. I just made my account a Premium Membership a week ago and have decided not to play on this account and play on my main account, is it possible to have my premium account transferred to my main account? I paid for a year :(
  3. ok thank you, I was trying to figure out how to delete the post
  4. thank you so much @Rolig Loon
  5. how do I find the mainland I can use? I tried looking in the auction tab but nothing comes up there
  6. PinkDiamondLove


    how do I find mainland to buy to use my allotment allowance? I tried Auction tab but nothing comes up... is there another way
  7. I have set my Linden Home to my group and the other owner of the group can't access the About Land panel to be able to Add people to the land when she is there, what more do I need to do besides set it to the group?
  8. why can't I? If it is set to the group then anyone in the group that are Owners should be able to do it and I have heard it Can be done. I just need to know How!
  9. I have a linden home and I set it to my group, my RL son is a member of the group and was able to set his home to my house but he can't control the panel.. how can I make it to where he has control of the panel also?
  10. So I was told that I can abandon my linden home 5 times a day, so I did 4 times and went to get the 5th home and I keep getting an error message... I took a gyazo picture of it, you can view it here... https://gyazo.com/bfae18dbafff5a6d3bfc7ad10585212e
  11. @Lindal Kidd thank you so much for clearing all this up for me, I really appreciate it. However, I am stuck again lol.. I went to search in my viewer and selected Land Sales and on the drop down tab I selected Auctions and there is nothing in there, I tried by both price and size and still nothing.. am I doing something wrong or is there somewhere else I should be looking?
  12. ok thank you, I will wait because I would like to also know more about this donating my free 1024 allowance to a company for a lower price on estate rental.
  13. ok got it, so for homestead or private islands, do I pay the full amount of whatever the price is? I dont get the first 1024 free?
  14. Cindy thank you for replying, though I did have to edit my question.. sorry
  15. Please forgive me I am still new and trying to figure this all out, so I became premium 2 days ago and love it but I am confused with this landing buying/renting option.. 1. how do I find land to rent from estates? 2. Do I have to pay tier if the land is only the 1024? 3. If I wanted to rent something bigger than 1024 on the private estate, how much do I pay for it?
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