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  1. So much to learn, so little time ... Good thing I'm only doing it for a hobby and not a living :) - I'd go broke real quick!
  2. I'll see how things progress - i'm pretty new to the SL Mesh thing (as well as Max) so there's bound to be a few more hurdles ahead. When I get a chance, I'll try something a little more complex than a humble cube and make those changes you suggest and hope for the best.
  3. I have no idea what's going on now. I retraced my steps and did exactly the same thing in a new scene and this time the manually applied texture worked fine. I suspect there's some "strange" intermittent issue with the beta grid. Of course I'm still having issues with the textures uploading WITH the model, but I can live with that as long as the UVs don't get messed up during the upload. Last night I had normal map issues, where the normal map was being applied as a standard texture on the face of the cube and not distributed as per the UVs on the model - dunno what that was about either -
  4. I am having trouble getting meshes into SL with proper UVs and textures. I'll describe my workflow (3ds Max) and maybe someone can tell me what I'm doing wrong or if I'm missing a step. I've attached an image that show the problems I'm getting in a nutshell. # I create model in MAX # I unwrap and UV the model inside MAX # I export UV template and edit it in Photoshop to apply textures to chosen UV islands # I bring the texture back into MAX and use it as diffuse map for a material # I name the material without spaces and do the same for the diffuse map's name (I heard SL does no
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