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  1. Whats the name of the rp sim? It would be nice to meet other wolves. My fiance may be interested in meeting and playing with other wolves, although he is the Alpha of his own pack.
  2. Hey friends, So me and my dom are officially engaged and I need your help. I'm discovering what seems to look like only a few wedding venues in SL now a days. We are planning a handfasting in the spring. Can anyone help with a few SLURLs that we can check into for full service wedding venues?
  3. Leaving a review for LuxuriousSin. ❤️ She was a pleasure to work with and did a fantastic job creating exactly what I wanted. Of course what I wanted wasn't like sleeves or anything crazy all over. Just a few well placed smaller tattoos. I've been wearing them for a few weeks now and still VERY pleased with them!
  4. Hello all, I'm looking for a custom tattoo artist or a clothes designer that can make a few simple tattoos and have them applied as one single tattoo layer instead of multiple layers like what i currently got going on as a maitreya body. My requests are actually fairly simple as I just want someone to recreate my current tattoos and add one small one, and I'm just wanting the simplicity of being able to have all of my tattoos on only the tattoo layers and not have to remember whats on the clothing and underwear layers. I got a playboy bunny on my bum, a feather with birds coming out of i
  5. Did another one tonight. Dragon Fly lake, close to the landling point.... http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dragonfly Lake/183/182/29
  6. You guys have inspired me...so I bring a picture that I think we can all kind of agree with....a food truck....cause why not.... Here's the SLURL as to where I found it.... http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/CandleWood/75/83/33
  7. 02/27/2008 (11 years 7 months; 4243 days) Not all of that is continuous play time though. Lots of breaks here and there.
  8. Joined under the old system some time shortly before they got rid of it. Still wish they kept it. It made SL unique in usernames. Anyways, I chose syndi because I was going through baby names and liked it. I usually will always go to some baby name site when trying to name something, a rp character, animal I just adopted, etc. It was a unique way of spelling Cindy that had a flare to it.
  9. Um...it did crash our display drivers at one point this morning. But i'm gunna have the sim owner do a restart on the sim when he logs in since its "family owned" and see if that works. If not then I'll do a ticket. But tping elsewhere seems to fix the immediate problem, or at least puts a band aid on it.
  10. I didn't but she did and it didn't work for her. But not even 2 minutes ago....I accepted someone's tp to a different sim. Suddenly every prim that I tried to attach came on and my problem became fixed. Now I'm thinking that it has something to do with that sim that we were both on.
  11. So last night I crashed hard. It took me 5 minutes to get back on. When I did manage to get back online, none of my prims)(hair, shoes, mesh clothing) were appearing and still aren't! I can see tattoo, alpha, skin, and clothing layers but that's as far as it'll show. Apparently I'm not the only one having this problem since my friend whom plays a child avi is also having this problem. Her problems started an hour or so before mine, and its the exact same issue. We've tried clearing catche, upgrading viewers, and even tried changing viewers(switching from Firestorm to to SL3, etc) as I know som
  12. I remember coming to SL in 06 and seeing the last name selection list and going "Oh cool! I get to have my own name like I do in RL" Now I'm seeing ridiculious names like "06hata4life" or "SluttyMama55" Its WTF! I know this one dj with the username x5########" (sorry not posting the full username because of confidenciality but u get the point) I liked SL alot better back way back when. Display names to me also seems to just make things confusing, because when I go to IM a client and they changed it between then and the time I last talked to them, it leads to a few unnessessary steps that are
  13. I've seen them go as young as 1 year old with their bodies being mostly prims. However I've also seem them as old as 100 with snow white hair and so forth. It really just depends on how they want to play out their avatars and the experiances they want in SL.
  14. Wow, good contest. Shame though I dont know any mer people nor am I one myself D: Dont even have the L to spend on the costume unfortunately.
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