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  1. Oh, I see what you're saying, so I suppose I should be more specific. These are going to replace legs rather than be put over them. I know that putting them over legs is a lot of work and results depend on the legs they're being put over, so I wouldn't dare ask anyone to do that. In the end, I might just be asking someone who's made tight-looking legwarmers (like Apricot Paws) to re-texture them with stripes, but I'm looking at my options.
  2. I would like to, first and foremost, state that I am not at all a rich person, so chances are I will get into this and then realize that I just won't have enough money to get what I want. It's a worry, for me, so I'm hoping I can employ the services of someone who would be willing to do this work -- with the opportunity to also resell it on the market. Here's the basis of my request: I am looking for someone to build rigged mesh stockings for furries. Not legwarmers, stockings. Actual tight nylons that have the horizontal stripes, much like those found on these: Striped Stockings. I'm specifically trying to get a pair of tintable stockings exclusively for my partner and I, but I am more than willing to allow the builder to sell their product on the market. If there is anyone interested in undertaking this request, please email me at kurama.bingyi09@gmail.com and we will work out a price when the details are hashed out.
  3. I'm looking to get into mesh modeling for SL. I'm patient enough to learn the methods and such, but I would like to know and get opinions: What programs do you use to make mesh clothing?
  4. I'm looking to get into mesh modeling for SL. I'm patient enough to learn the methods and such, but I would like to know and get opinions: What programs do you use to make mesh clothing?
  5. I'm willing to pay half now, and half later, but here are the details -- which I can, and will, elaborate on by email correspondence. I'm looking for a large science fiction-inspired skybox big enough for a 50 x 50 parcel, entirely mesh that is also large, and spacious, as well as with modular furniture (Unscripted that can be swapped out or modified). If anyone is interested in taking this up, please contact me at kurama.bingyi09@gmail.com.
  6. I'm a roleplayer of particular taste(s). I have to be in a certain mood, and when I get into such a mood my interests start to shift. I'm a huge fan of science fiction roleplaying - especially when I have the opportunity to put my personal story concepts to work. Right now, though, I feel like taking part in a post-apocalyptic RP. I'm looking for one that is open and accepting of furries. Does anyone know of any good RP sims that fit this criteria?
  7. A very good friend of mine and I want to be partnered, but the SL partnership system is still broken. Like my question asks, is it possible to contact Linden Labs to manually partner myself with my friend?
  8. The Partner system at this moment seems to be incomplete or down at the moment, because my partner-to-be and I have tried to submit a request to have an official partnership on SL twice - one by her to me, and the other by me to her - and it would not accept either of ours. Main SL Account: Kurama Bingyi Partner's SL Account: Absoleste Resident
  9. I have a question. If the quarterly premium subscription is $11.25 for the next three months, will it stay that way? I'm more than willing to maintain a quarterly subscription if it stays at $11.25.
  10. I've recently built a mesh weapon for use in Second Life, and I have Poser. Unfortunately, I have no animation experience so I have no idea how to use it. So, I would like to ask if anyone can help me out - either by teaching me how to use Poser Pro, or by doing my weapon's animations. I will provide the weapon model if asked.
  11. I've got an itch to play Science Fiction-related sims, on part-inspiration from watching [i]Firefly[/i] but I can't find any good ones that take themselves seriously, are active at all times of the day, and have mature communities behind them. I realize, however, that getting "quality" RP is asking for too much, especially with whom frequents Second Life. - I'm not really asking for folks who have degrees in English, but I would like to look for players who are literate in English. - I'm looking for sims that are open to any concept, instead of being themed to a specific show or what-have-you. - Splintered Rock/Al Raqis is out of the question. (I have nothing against Splintered Rock and its owners, but to be honest they've been on quite the downfall in terms of the quality of RP.) Is there a list of Science Fiction-related roleplaying sims that fit this criteria?
  12. Pretty much what the topic says. Is it inherit for Viewer 2 to load avatars much more slowly, or is there a setting I can change to allow avatars to load faster?
  13. Kurama Bingyi Age: 29 Species: Thoram (Anthrokind) - A spacefaring race from an unknown star system within the Milky Way Galaxy, the Thoram have a history of conflict and strife. However, they have always striven forward with limitless thinking, eventually even setting their sights on the stars, themselves. The Anthrokind are exactly what they sound like - anthropomorphic humanoids. Their races vary greatly within the species, but all are equal and un-prejudiced. Race: Vulpes (Red Fox) Homeworld: Thoramin - A world that serves as the primary home of the Thoram. Thoramin is as beatiful and magnificent as it is mysterious, with only a single supercontinent placed in the "exact-center" of its equator and what could be considered the "prime meridian." There are several cities, but none so massive and imposing as the capitol of the species - Drekkosath. The city is composed of three layers, from top to bottom: The Spire is the seat of government and the residental/commercial district of the considered-nobility and high-ranking officials. As the name suggests, the section is composed of a massive spire that is placed in the direct center of the city, with a base of over three miles. The Middle is the center of entertainment and commerce of the city, serving as the home to the common anthro. The Underlevel is thought to be the sewage of the city, but is instead an intricate and backwater community of low-lifes and misfits; a home of crime and poverty, where the residents must find their own way through the world, or risk losing their own lives. There is also a massive platform hovering above the atmosphere of Thoramin. It is a naval docking yard, and the home to the Thoramin Space-Naval Corps; where its central training grounds, and Officers' Flight School, is located. Marines, however, are trained in the heavily-guarded compound in the Underlevel. Bio: Kurama Bingyi was born as the son of a "street-worker," and was kept away from his mothers' business (until a later age) as best as she could allow. At the age of eight (considered the beginning of puberty for the Thoram) he was forced into a gang, where he took part in the "usual going-ons" of the underworld. When Kurama turned eighteen, he was put out for a hit until he was deemed protected by the TSNC, enlisted into the Marines and sent immediately for training. The beginning of his enlisted career began with the Chimaeran Rebellion - a struggle against a splinter faction that broke away from the Thoramin government, after kidnapping a very high-ranking official. He was stationed on the newest ship of the line, the Command-Battleship TNS Lancer, and was sent to quell the rebellion before it got out of hand, and to ensure that the aforementioned official would not be harmed. Eventually, the rebellion was put down and its members were incarcerated - and some even executed for crimes beyond the rebellion. Kurama continued to serve on the Lancer, making acquaintances and friends easily with the crew - the most notable and lasting friendship he would never forget with the ship's executive officer, Captain Ulysses Reedshaw. First Admiral Ensen Baynes - the commanding officer of the Fourth Fleet - was also in direct command of the Lancer, as was called by the structure of the armada. (The First Admiral of each fleet is required to be on board his designated vessel unless visiting and inspecting other ships of his fleet) However, a raid against the ship during one of its patrol left Baynes killed and on the floor. At this point, Kurama Bingyi had already proven himself a capable leader, and so was catapulted to First Lieutenant. Kurama aided in pulling the ship out of danger, and Captain Reedshaw noted his efforts and sent it to High Command. Temporarily, Reedshaw was placed in a reluctant command over the Fourth Fleet. Kurama would soon prove that he was more than capable of taking that role, as well.
  14. What is responsible for this message popping up, and why do I always see if whenever I'm trying to rez objects on my avatar in my Linden home? There have been many ocassions when I want to switch into an avatar, and I can't in my home because - most of the time - this keeps happening. I would say it is about half of the time I'm at home that I'm unable to rez objects anywhere, whether it be on the ground or on my avatar. I know it is not because I don't have any more prims available - as I'm sitting at 61 prims available.
  15. The problem isn't rezzing the objects on my plot of land. I know it's not that, because I still have 62 prims left. It's rezzing it on my avatar. Almost half of the time I'm in my home, I'm unable to rez objects on my avatar. The other half, I get lucky - albeit after a long period of waiting.
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