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  1. Thank you sooo much for wonderful replies!!!! It's a pleasure seeing that people still care to give someone advice! Love you all
  2. The way I see it, the only way to really get a girl is first be friends? Like to get to know her, realize that your interests and views in life kinda allgn and you find each other really interesting on the level besides physical? And of course not to stress out! Like a sand in your hand, if you try keeping it by squeezing it it'll escape, just like relationship (existing or building one) - the more effort and potential contol is put in the less success it will have... Be chill and self confident and let life take it's course :))
  3. yay i agree :)) i'll look cute in pink tutu we should like get bunch of guys one time dressed in cute girls clothing and go dance :)) hahahah
  4. Meow )) the point of this topic don't support my points give your own
  5. Not funny! It's me on the left in pic! Yes yes yes i love my Trousers TaddDaaaa i'm soo beautiful! Oh and yea..my mom says i'm Special too :)P
  6. hehe thank you for reply Callum :)) but as I said it's not for profit or like for high traffic it'd be a personal place for friends so i looked into rentals and i think I could rent island for like 4000L a week...but my question..would like friends hanf out there or people mostly jump around without staying in once place?
  7. So um hey peeps :)) To be a devil's advocate to a previous topic of "Why guys in SL play as a girl" here's a I bet along "beat up" question: Is it better in SL to be a guy or a girl?? Here're my points: 1. It seems like girls get away with more stuff and get more attention 2. It seems like most of girls if not Bi are Lez so it's easier for a girl to find a partner? 3. Girls have way way more cute clothing options 4. Take me for example: evenm though i'm Charming, Outgoing and Well Spoken, (oh and very modest!) i'm not very good looking So my chances of finding
  8. Ethan :)) didn't see your response as I was typing previous one Same question to you as to Marianne, could I contact you in world?
  9. Whoa thank you both soo much for such fast responce!!! I so appreciate it!!! Yes I know that Mesh is a way to go and i'm willing to spend as much as it takes Just want like a cool and perfect look! Marianne you're soo awesome with that long post!!!! Could you I contact you in world for a couple questions about look later on tonight? Thank you
  10. Heheh Orwar I love your avi pic and love your questions :)) Hello Purrkitten! I'd love to hang out as i'm ZERo friends, coming back to SL To me a friend is, and that's tough as on SL we try to limit sometimes talking about RL: 1. Someone you feel connection to and can share experiences 2. Someone you can kinda(without disclosing too much personal Rl info to be safe) "cry" about being upset in RL and they'd support you and offer a kind advice and word 3. Someone you can share you interests with and enjoy exploring this world together, feeding off each other's ener
  11. I couldn't be a sister but I sure enjoy a girl talk :)) **smirks and hisses** "lets gossip about silly boys!" hehehe blah i'm being silly
  12. Hey All Haha i did couple posts and alaways say "Hi i'm Bill i'm coming back to SL after 3 yr break" (as i'm not new...but still it does sound kinda cliche) Anyways, i'm thinking of making my own fun hangout island. What i want there is: skydiving options, beach movie theater, bowling, arcades, dance hut, pool and hot tub hang out are, may be like some board games...It'd be open to all kinds of avis, like any, young to old, furrys to fantasy. Non judgemental, Non-Pervy place of respect and chill down and fun! This would be totally NON profit place just to hang out. What does c
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