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  1. Ah okay, Firestorm has been used so far. If it makes any difference, deformity still occurred even on Lumiya too. I'll add that into the options to try at the next opportunity.. which hopefully will be soon.
  2. Yes, this persistently occurs in every region, including a no-script sandbox. My friend has gone through a few full outfit changes, so I originally excluded the possibility of anything still being attached. We also haven't tried disabling RLV.. although I am unsure if that would affect anything. My friend has already given up and logged out for the day, but I will definitely try to convince them another attempt at the next available opportunity, and I'll post an update. Thank you again for the reply, Molly.
  3. I'm sorry for the thread necro, but I have a friend who is having the exact same issue. After spending hours googling and searching for solutions/scripts, all options have thus far been exhausted. Is there any new information members of this particular thread may be able to provide?
  4. Unfortunately the script did not help. HUD's won't work either, and my friend's body is still persistently deformed. We aren't sure what else to do, my friend has logged out for now. Do you have any other suggestions?
  5. Thank you for the reply! Unfortunately the friend in question is no longer online at the moment, but I have read through your forum topic and I've preemptively created the scripts in-world to try at the next available opportunity. Thank you again, and I'll be sure to update on what the results were.
  6. Hello and fair tidings, I have a friend who was AFK in a sandbox for some time. After they logged off and back on a few days later, they've discovered that they were griefed, and their avatar is now forced into an animation. This friend of mine is no longer at the sandbox, but has tried everything we can google. Undeformers, Revoke Animation Permissions, Reset Skeleton & Anims.. nothing is working. I have read that there is no possible way to fix this until the griefer resets the script, or cancels the attack, or something like that. The question now is, what exactly can my frien
  7. So I've been trying to create a basic Titler for my group to use. My intention is to have a Titler that allows you to change both the text and color on the /55 channel. Currently, the script works perfectly in changing the text by using the /55 channel. However, I cannot figure out how to get the script to parse \n for the function, instead of setting it as text. Also, I can't seem to get the script to parse RGB commands either, for changing the title color. So far, this is the FUNCTIONING script that I've compiled. Any help with adding the ability to add new lines via chat command
  8. Hello, I was wondering if anyone knew of a quality skybox rental with 5,000 available prims? Just an empty skybox waiting to be filled. I was going to just purchase a Homestead, but apparently I need to own a Full Region before that. I am not interested in a Full Region, only enough for what I need (5,000 prims). Any help or advice is much appreciated, thank you in advance. ~ Aodhan
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