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  1. Good point and yes, that is selected. So i can actually do a adult search in Firestorm using the non web search, but can't do a search in the same Firestorm using the web search or the search window at tip right of viewer.
  2. There is really nothing you need to "buy" in SL in order to take fantastic pictures, but their are some thing you should have. I am not a Black Dragon viewer fan boy, because it is not great for day to day use, but it takes better quality pictures than any viewer out there, hands down. The tone mapping and built in poser alone make it worth having on your computer. I also agree with Alyona about the On1 tools being great to have. They are a full effects system with great effect free here: https://www.on1.com/products/effects10/ Also, build yourself a nice Windlight library. There are some great ones out there by Strawberry Singh, Jay Battlescars and other that are totally free. (Not sure if i am allowed to share here?) I tend to delete most of the Torley and Firestorm windlights and replace them with WL settings i have collected. I am currently at around 200. And take LOTS of pictures! =)
  3. I actually prefer this. These images do not make things look "better than they are", but make them look EXACTLY how they are. I can gauge the type of textures used and if the person knows how to apply specular mapping correctly or not. On the other hand, In world photos are easy to Photoshop or lit beyond your computer's capabilities to render. That image is exactly what the creator made. There are dozens of variables that will effect how they will look on you in world. That is why God made demos.
  4. If you are sincere, I would not put ANY of that in my profile. I think it would send a lot of sincere men running for the door. If that is truly what you want, reveal it slowly in conversation.
  5. Hello, First let me note that I have pursued this question on the "Knowlege Base" first with little luck. What few articles i have found are form 2011 and seem to state the opposite of what i am experiencing. I ASSUME I have been age verified. I posted my DOB when creating the account and I have a credit card on file for payment information. (Idea: have some sort of icon or notification an a age verified profile.) On my SL Viewer AND Firestorm, I have I want to access content rated "general, moderate, adult" selected in preferences. I can go to any adult sim. The problem is that search will only give me moderate and safe results, which I am guessing eliminates about 74.3% of the actual results. I kid, but it is frustrating to not be able to locate places people are telling me about. Is there a step i might have missed, or some sort of fix to try? Thanks so much from a noobie! PoC
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