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  1. I am a Premium member.. I abandoned my old land.. and just wanted a Loftroom. It isn't showing up as a house option under Meadowbrook.. anyone know why?
  2. I had a premium account, and due to issues with my email, didn't receive the notification that my account was due in time to pay it. When I tried to release the account, I was prompted to 'update my payment information', which I did, and was promptly charged for an additional year. All of this is fine, but I released my Linden Home when I was trying to release my account. IT then put me in a situation where I am "downgrading to basic" account. And now, even though I am paid up until April of 2012, I am unable to aquire a new Linden Home, or fix my account from it's "downgrading to basic' status. PLEASE HELP. Lili
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