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  1. this is too funny and what has his ears got to do with you there're his ears he can do what he likes with them (what a strange man you are prok)
  2. i'm looking for a cape similar to this https://gyazo.com/fe94604c895f9bb084d8761adeefe0da thanks
  3. i'm looking for something like this picture if possable
  4. DianaSamson

    two things

    is there a shop where i can find somthing like this dress and where can i find a varsity jumper that isn't ripped? , thanks
  5. I want it in a new england style and under 1000 Li, if possible.
  6. i'm hoping to find somthing like what blair waldorf wears in gossip girl or a style called sloane ranger style
  7. i've tried that and i haven't found anything i liked, please help
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