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  1. Thank you, appreciate the recent progress being made by all.
  2. That's nice but I only own half the region, sub-let, have no way of finding out /where/ (no region tools, no support) the problem is and if its not on the half I own, no way of doing anything about it. Also auditing the half that I own would essentially involve me snooping on my tenants, which I find unethical. If its that easy, even less reason why it's taking support 3 months to do anything...
  3. Yes, I've chased the ticket every 2 weeks, except for the last month where i left them alone for a month. So thats a good 5-6 times i've chased them now with the same "sorry, looking into it" every time. Region is Liwei Physics "timeslice" is constantly >10ms and as a result "scripts getting run" are at 1-5% right now (was 5-10%, guess its getting worse). Script interactivity is unbearable. Normal sim should have physics timeslice <1ms and >50% (ideally >80%) active scripts run. I've pointed this out to support more than once including screenshots of the sim stats floater highlighting the issues and showing a "normal" sim's stats for comparison. I suspect there's something super glitchy and colliding on the sim, but support assures me "top colliders" shows nothing, and I don't have region controls to check myself.
  4. Its a severely underperforming mainland sim, own half of it, fine for years. Now broken for 3 months (since I opened the support ticket)... so basically i'm just on a hopeless path to nowhere paying monthly for something I already sunk money into buying in the first place... But thanks for replying, explains why nothing can be found. Wouldn't want to be the person having to deal with this kinda thing either. I'll research other options.
  5. Hi there, Can someone point me in the direction of something discussing Linden Lab's official complaints procedure / escalation procedure, or who I can contact along such lines. I have been through support, for 3 months, and am beyond unhappy with the service, i asked support about complaints/escalation but they did not answer the questions, so I need other routes. Thanks
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