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  1. I literally am cheering with you. I despise gachas. good riddance!
  2. I’m not saying I’m against the idea, but because even if you do purchase something that you do know what you’re getting, you are still getting something at random which in turn is a gacha…
  3. I don’t think this is a solution because you are still getting an item at random, and it will be seen that way.
  4. I applaud you, I could not have said this better myself.
  5. I highly doubt that. There's plenty of copy/modify items that you just can't transfer.
  6. 1.) terraform the land we 'own' so to speak. I have a great spot, my land is not level is all. 2.) rotate our houses. my spot is pretty nice, I just wish my backyard was facing the water, not so much the front. Can we get this to happen, please?!
  7. I'd love to know why my item count keeps going down and then root folders are missing items that I know I have.... I just don't get it. Tried logging on the SL viewer and some items were restored, but the item count went down AGAIN. Should I be worried that SL is slowly eating things I've bought?
  8. Okay so I was being active on the forums, I didn't realize that was a crime. Still no reason for you to be a jerk though. 👀
  9. Why do you have to be that way though? I don't get it.
  10. I don't see how that would be beneficial... what name would you not want on the list?
  11. Linden Labs, this is me pleading with you. Sakura as a last name option. PLEASE. I need it.
  12. If they want that there's another platform just for them, it's called IMVU.
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