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  1. Okay the first and last ones I would so want to come as linden homes. Especially that last one. Perfection.
  2. I thought was the date they were officially 'releasing' more. Patch's statement didn't say anything about concierge service... Thank you for the clarification.
  3. Does anybody know if the concierge system is available for ranch homes? I cannot get a location I like with even ground, all the front+back yards are uneven and it is extremely frustrating trying to find one that is what I need.
  4. It's showing for me on the basic alt, does that mean there's some available?
  5. I just want to know if they are all still gone or can I attempt to drop one? I am not ready to drop mine just yet as I am in a very good location and want to be sure I can get one so I'm not homeless.
  6. Can you test the rezzer to see each one? I don't want to just attempt to fly and break into people's houses lol
  7. AHHHH I don't want to give up my great location until I am certain I can get one. Is there somewhere we can view demos inworld?
  8. I am really, really hoping so. This week alone I've gotten the closest I have ever wanted to get to *fully* decorating a linden home and it still looks good. But alas, I am down to the last 14 prim and I still have things I would like to add. I really don't get how you guys do it for 351, I am forever struggling.
  9. I really hope they do. We're well into a year of premium plus being out and we have haven't been given even a hint to what the first 2048 *theme* may be, let alone a preview.
  10. Pls tell me the 2048 homes are coming. I've been trying to comb over the mainland for days and I can't find anything I can afford... the prices are incredibly insane for a mainland parcel
  11. Day 239486270951 of waiting for Premium Plus linden homes. -sigh-
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