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  1. Welp. Literally just missed another region release because for over 10+ refreshes every time a house popped up I got the sold out thing and I literally clicked it the second the page loaded, how I didn't land one is beyond me, Gambling is literally pointless. Glad I don't play the lottery in real life, I'd have no money, haha.
  2. Any news of release this morning? Sucks being left in the dark about these things.
  3. I haven't seen any news of a release, unless I missed it because I slept in. Ah well if I did.
  4. I saw that too, gaaaah I hope my day comes to get one by the lighthouse. Crossing my fingers that I may get that lucky!
  5. See and there's nothing wrong with that. We're allowed to try for something we are completely happy with lol.
  6. Legit over 12 on my end and a sorry page every time. Plus two lockouts in the middle of that. Lol I'm so done with this lotto nonsense. People shouldn't have to gamble to get a house. 😂
  7. At this point I'm just sitting here waiting for the release hoping I can snag one today.
  8. It's not like he was harassing them, he was just stating that he saw moles working, LOL. Way to jump to conclusions!
  9. Yeah, I am. I am just having problems with chat windows today. Gonna try another relog, might be my net honestly. Going to reset the router too.
  10. Any news about the release going down? I'm still having errors trying to get the citizens group to open to watch for patch or anybody to say hi or good morning lol
  11. Exactly what I want too, just hopefully more on the beach or right by the water Got a region in mind, but looking for others like it so I don't have my mind set on just the one.
  12. Chat won't open for me, Idk what's up with it.
  13. Yeah, that's been a thing now. I thought they wanted people to get houses lol.
  14. Any news of release yet this morning? I am having problems getting the group to open so I thought I'd ask here.
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