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  1. any news on when the next batch will be released? i'm really hoping for something to pop up soon ♥
  2. That'd be nice. A beach house to live in when winter hits. Talk about going south for the summer 😂
  3. Any idea when the beach houses will be released? I'm excitedly waiting!
  4. Trying my luck again. Good luck to everybody still hoping. Glad to see my victorian went to someone that really wanted it ❤️ I wanted something a little more cozier. seen one or two today but wasn't quick enough. onward to more effort!
  5. Slightly unrelated but I thought I'd ask here. Does anybody have any ideas on how to decorate pretty decently in the Victorians and actually make them feel fully decorated? I keep trying to decorate (using an add on or two) and i keep seeming to be using stuff either prim heavy or just rezzing out so mu ch I hit my limit with furniture and i haven't even put anything outside yet either. Is it just me or maybe the Victorians are a little too big versus the sizes of the traditional?
  6. I'm days late to even knowing they released victorians... now I feel silly . Wasn't trying to come on here being a jerk but was hoping they could eventually do that with all options. I guess I will just have to try my hand at getting a victorian patiently.
  7. Well I"m still in the game looking for one. I see Traditionals are easier to obtain now, I just want to land a victorian now because they are far more roomy thankfully. Will they just pop up next to the new ones now?
  8. I personally don't see how it would. They still have campers and houseboats.... (to me) It'd make since to just put all the houses under one category to make it fair since we are paying for them...
  9. I don't see why they couldn't. If people were to use addons it's going to use up prim and then it's harder to decorate.. I wish they would so we wouldn't have to gamble even further.
  10. Could they possibly make it an option for those who already have traditionals so they don't have to abandon the ones they had to wait for? Lol.
  11. KInda bummed they didn't give this as an option to everybody instead of just releasing a completely different type of home so people have to obtain it by chance. Are they planning on implimenting this later on? It'd be nice for more options as well as traditional...
  12. Curious... they even have victorian homes available... can they make this theme available for those who are already getting the traditionals? Because it would be nice to have a bigger selection to choose from.
  13. Welp. Literally just missed another region release because for over 10+ refreshes every time a house popped up I got the sold out thing and I literally clicked it the second the page loaded, how I didn't land one is beyond me, Gambling is literally pointless. Glad I don't play the lottery in real life, I'd have no money, haha.
  14. Any news of release this morning? Sucks being left in the dark about these things.
  15. I haven't seen any news of a release, unless I missed it because I slept in. Ah well if I did.
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