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  1. Greetings Second lifers. I am looking for some one who can make my OCD dream come true. I need detail. Mesh everything, and flawless textures! Willing to pay L for service's. As well as talk about what you already have for said build and what you should need. I am ready to sit down with you and my business partner! We are looking to make a High end BDSM club, We will need this person to handle out demands as we are nit picky and want things clean and to perfection. I will only take builders who have a "port folio" to say or even build homes, offices, and so on. Please IM Emma Slaughter (Lemons.Sahara) in world to set up an interview. Serious IMs only. Serious builders only. Any thing is possible in second life!
  2. Greetings everyone, Electric Midnight is currently looking for an Architect who can build a custom building to fit our needs. Some one who knows there way around mesh and can put together a low prim build would be most welcomed. We will be working along side the selected person to ensure all comes out to perfection. Please IM Emma Slaughter (lemon.Sahara) or Jack DeCarlo (nouveaumanifesto.Resident) if you are interested. This is, of course, a paid job. Please have a portfolio ready to share and to take down notes and other information related to the job if you are selected. Thank you, E.Slaughter.
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