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  1. Hi my friend and I are setting up a new club and though we have worked at some, we are completely new to owning one. We have one question about basics - please don't laugh! My friend has bought the commercial land and we're setting up the kit - how does he give permissions on the SL website so staff can list in the events listing? Please could someone point us in the right direction (using newbie proof simplicity please!) many thanks Charlotte
  2. Another newbie question sorry! I have a few HUD items and once I've used them the first time, if I quit SL then go back in the control panel disappears. How do I get them back on screen? I'm deafinitely "wearing" the items, just need the control panels back. Advice please
  3. fantastic info folks thank you. So I guess I need to buy another property really. While you're here can I pick your brains further. My home is set to moderate - and I don't seem to be able to change it to adult. how do I do that?
  4. Is there any way of expanding the amount of items I can have in my house?
  5. Sorry to be a pest. another newbie question. I've taken some purchases to sandbox and followed the instructions to open the box and take t=the contents to my inventory but still am unable to place them in my home. it's saying it cant rez because the "parcel is too full". Advice please?
  6. yes thats what ive been doing. some items just wont play. im doing the right thing then so i'll keep trying. thank you
  7. Hi Newbie question. I've bought a few items of furniture in the store and now an struggling to position them in my house. They have appeared in my inventory but I can't seem to actually place them on the floor in a room. I've found how to rotate and move up and down but not how to move back and forth. Any advice please? A like to a video tutorial would be handy. was hoping I could just grab them and drag into place. Some of them are animated items if that makes any difference
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