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  1. Thanks for that suggestion, i tried a few of those just now and connection wise everything is in the clear. I took a glance in the debug.log file and there are a ton of error messages. [0925/070021:ERROR:ipc_channel_win.cc(512)] pipe error: 232 [0925/070028:ERROR:cache_util_win.cc(20)] Unable to move the cache [0925/070028:ERROR:cache_util.cc(134)] Unable to move cache folder [0925/070028:ERROR:cache_creator.cc(129)] Unable to create cache [0925/075034:WARNING:raw_channel_win.cc(532)] WriteFile: The pipe is being closed. (0xE8) I made sure to run the viewer as an administrator, tried changing the location of the cache files as well from default folder to another. Also tried installing the viewer on another diskdrive but keep running into the same issue. I kept an eye on the debug.log file to see whenever it updated and soon as it started spewing out error messages i was unable to teleport after that and would always timeout. So i think the cache is the problem, just not sure how to fix it.
  2. These issues started about two months ago or so. Everything works fine upon logging into to second life, but after staying on for about half an hour or so i am unable to teleport to any places whatsoever, i can't make changes or recieve items to my inventory, i can't recreate the bridge either. If i try and teleport it will freeze on the teleport loading screen and eventually log me off the viewer. Things i've tried so far: Tried multiple viewers Tried both 64 and 32 version of firestorm Tried opening ports in my firewall, also completely turning off the firewall, disconnecting from router and plugging directly into the socket. Increased and decreased bandwidth used in the viewer Turning off RLV completely and removing all RLV objects on the avatar Have done multiple cache clears as a final resort. I am out of ideas.
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