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  1. mY wifi is all good so idk wat going on. havNt been on here in months. http://prntscr.com/l0j7p7
  2. ok tank you :]
  3. hi all so on sl.. i need help wit fining the baby mesh body,i try looking in shopping, could anyone give me the link of it? it would elp alot. im tryn do a baby avi^^ happy monday :]
  4. iJays

    kid avi

    oooky tyvm
  5. iJays

    kid avi

    what the places call? ima go there later.
  6. iJays

    kid avi

    we cant earn Ls tho?
  7. iJays

    kid avi

    Hello guys i am jay and i am a imvu kid, so like does anyone help with linders so i could at least do my kid avi on here? i find sl very fun to play my friends have told me from imvu. they are fun to play lmao and ive learn how to play. you guys are awesome workers. ? (imvu avi down there) i am a kid model on there with fans and alot ppl love me cause i am "Cute." loll
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