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  1. The skin, to me, reminds me of: Dunno if that's helpful at all, and yes, the picture you showed def. looks like they're wearing a mesh head but I couldn't begin to tell you which one.
  2. I know there's a hoodie dress from Blueberry that might fit over some leggings (maybe) - I think it was a collab with Little Bones back in the day. Not sure if it still exists given that both stores have grown since then. But IIRC it was sleeveless.
  3. Angelica is by the person who used to do Rozena I think. They have some cute ones, but might still be too "anime"... I know I saw a skin not too long ago named... Mei? I think? Meiko? But I can't remember the store. I want to say it was from ItGirls. And you said you found L'etre. Hmm. I'll keep an eye out if I see anything else that might fit.
  4. The second one appears to be an old ETD/Elikatira hairstyle. I forget the name but I wore it SO much back in the day. I think Truth had (maybe has?) one similar as well. The first one... not sure, but the textures/way it's made almost look like it could be Diva? I can't tell if there's some flexi to those curl pieces. Anyway hope it helps.
  5. https://gyazo.com/d3765bfbc147b3519ed41b0b68d818d5 Logged in after "maintenance" to find out that my entire shop parcel had been returned to me because the parcel was full. Except, it wasn't. I wasn't even using half of the prim/LI count that was allotted. Something broke. Idk what. The estate managers tried to help but... they can't fix LL's screwups. GG again SL. Investing in that infrastructure is already showing the benefits!
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