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  1. I have this avatar specifically to avoid cheating. If i want to cheat i can start talking on messenger with ladies of my town that already like me. If i am here texting and interacting with the avatar of a person living in another continent, is not because is my only chance to date someone, is because i like to chat without RL bindings, without even risking to cheat my RL partner. This is my situation and I am fine with it. Of course I accept that need to chat with someone else can be symptom that something is missing in my RL relationship. But if i want to cheat, I cheat in RL, in my town. An
  2. I guess you will be replaced too with your software construct and nobody will know the difference.
  3. The world is full of psychopaths like this, and the problem is that many are in power to decide over the life of thousands or millions. I believe that only empathy make a real human, and so they are not human, just humanoids.
  4. Well when I was a baby boy I had a relationship with a teddy bear... I guess is the same thing... lol.
  5. Ironically, the same classic avatar and clothes I had in the beginning (2010). Simple and great. Love it!
  6. Started in August 2009, mainly curious about the business opportunities inworld. Spent most of the first months just compulsively learning and building... Modern (business style) and modular buildings, a flying vehicle, had a shop as reseller, got stolen ~50k L$ from Linden Lab (money deposited on an external web marketplace and taken by them "for security reasons"), found a gf (well she found me) and after 3 months moved to her country for 6 months... Never been much into social interaction, but when i get invoved i give my best, is my way... Later had some really interesting rela
  7. Totally agree with you. Have a SL relationship (without other direct contact via phone or video) is not cheating. Maybe is symptom you are bored, but is not cheating. Like is not cheating to read erotic literature, watch porn and *onanism*. These are ways to avoid cheating. Especially when the intention is to keep it strictly virtual. You get it 100% when you said is like writing a romantic-erotic story. That is what SL really is, to write stories together with remote/anonymous writers. But of course can start a cheating when you go beyond and begin to have contact with the real person on
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