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  1. Welcome back! I started on SL about 2006-ish and left in 2009. I then returned in 2017 and suffered pretty much exactly what you are feeling now. Nostalgia, tinged with sadness, for all the people and places that were either gone or utterly changed. Then I encountered mesh. And I wasted all my money (I actually managed to find a mesh body that turns out to be only good for some serious demon RPing... how I don't know!). So my first piece of advice is: STOP! Don't spend any more money. Research, research, research (on here especially, lots of old articles giving great instructions o
  2. I've not suggested making Second Life "properly" VR (i.e. changing things). I like Firestorm VR's approach of simply making VR work WITH Second Life as it exists. Current VR interactivity abilities (both technically and cost-wise) mean there's no way Second Life could "properly" shift to VR etc. It is, however, a really neat additional viewer and it gives unusual perspectives. I've been on Second Life since circa 2006, I've NO wish to put any obstacles in the way of both creative AND personal freedoms which are things I value highly. No subtraction, just addition (for the select fe
  3. I lost him to Lego too long ago. I know my place
  4. As I said... "slightly more mainstream" I know it isn't for everyone, or even most, but it has potential for some.
  5. Husband fell in love with his Oculus Quest 2 and ended up buying me one last week so I thought I'd give Second Life in VR a go! Thanks for the instructions on here which did help me clarify a couple of places where I went wrong. It was a fair bit of messing around! Anyway... I'm actually pretty impressed with the results. The controls are... meh. Mixing using the keyboard (whilst blind) with the Quest controllers isn't ideal. This severely limits what you are actually able to do. However this is just a mod project so I'm not complaining, just clarifying this is far, far from perfect befo
  6. Getting into the spirit of the season. 👻
  7. Contact me if you want to talk about purchasing a small part of this plot. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kraddic/116/85/78
  8. I use an Aesthetic body, it is by far my favourite and (despite its reputation) there's a lot more individuality possible than Gianni or Jake (though I like them too and have both as I love making avatars!). However can only agree that using the Aesthetic head means you will look like everyone else. If you like it, that is great. However I'd recommend using a different mesh head (I use a Catwa) to try to add some individuality to your avatar. Just my thoughts, do whatever makes you happiest and be the avatar you want to be.
  9. It should still be available if you still want it. Just click the link and pay the rental if so.
  10. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kraddic/88/221/62 I'm pretty flexible as landlord on prims or parcel rights, just hit me up. Anything TOS compliant allowed.
  11. Adult mainland parcel 1536m2 with 527 prims for L$300 a week. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kraddic/51/238/62 I'm pretty flexible as a landlord on prims or parcel rights, just hit me up. # Anything TOS compliant allowed.
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