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  1. Thanks so much, Lady Laurel! I actually did get the Gianni body on my first day, mostly so that I could help out at the SL Birthday Bash, and I almost - but not quite - got the Belleza body. For the most part, I am happy with my purchase, though I have to spend some actual time browsing the MP and trying out different demos. After being in the Military for so long, and, especially, thanks to novel Corona Virus, I have so much free time that I literally don't know what to do with. Maybe this will be something!
  2. Thanks! It's really awesome that there are others like me who are in the same boat. I actually had heard of mesh, but that was during the time I stopped in at SL to peek around when I had a free day (so rare!). Your first suggestion is great! I'm just really glad that there seems to be a daily RL funds limit in place, which helps as well to not go too crazy, hehe. See, I have the Signature Gianni and the Catwa head. The Catwa Daniel head has two 'heads', the Daniel head with the neck fix, and another head that looks even better - with the neck missing, lol. So yeah, that's tha
  3. Howdy Howdy! Hope everyone is having a great day. I was wondering if anyone has been in or is currently in my shoes. I've been a member of SL ever since 'parking' was more of a thing around the time Earn2Life was a thing. I didn't have any applicable building skills so I couldn't really make much of an income, and didn't exactly want to invest RL funds into a virtual life. At that time. I'm a Premium Sub now. Even though Second Life back then was a bit emptier than it is now, it felt so full in retrospect. I made *incredible* friends, and had such amazing times in places like
  4. I don't admire the current British Monarchy at this time, with maybe the exception of Prince Harry. Don't give a rat's ass about Meghan, the queen (lower-case Q) or the dead prince. Though I do feel bad for Archie. I actually smirked to myself when the dead prince died almost a month after these allegations of racism. Not because I wanted him to suffer, per se, but because I wanted the Queen ***** to suffer. And I believe that thing is suffering hard and long! I may not like Meghan, but I don't dislike her because of her skintone.
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