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  1. How can I get an account on the beta servers?
  2. I am back on this, I am still having issues with both DAZ and Qavimator... I'd like to upload & test AOs, but I don't want to spend 10 L$ every time, and, blame on me, I am not able to understand where/how upload animations and poses for test... Thanks a lot
  3. Hello All, I am searching for some kind of Police Procedural or sitcom or action TV series themed RP. Better if the fit the euro time zone. Law & Order, Sons of Anarchy, The Good Wife, Ozark, The Good Witch are among my favourites...
  4. Interested in taking part in this RP... I love The Sopranos
  5. Thanks a lot, I'll try to play with Daz... I am totally new to this and I have to figure out things (mostly on SL side...) Thanks again.
  6. I know that it has been discussed hundreds of time before, but still I can't find the answer. I've just downloaded Daz3D to create some sitting poses. My avi always end up floating in the air slightly tilted forward. I need this pose for a wheelchair sitting position, and I'd like to know hot to have it sitting at a decent height from the ground... Thanks a lot.
  7. Where can I find the correct XML file on a mac? I cannot find it searching for the XML files...
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