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  1. It was the Robespierre family mafia, mostly on Alphaville. I was Maximillien Robespierre, and my underboss was Anthony Robespierre. At our highest point, we had about 80 mafia members, and we ran tons of properties, which I don't remember the names of any of them at this point. We were also a little bit on Dan's Grove (i think?) on TSO. Our main competitors were the SSG, or Sim Shadow Government. Their goal was to take down and eliminate every mafia family from te game, and they had hundreds of members. We warred with them for years, until I had to leave the game. unfortunetly, not long after, TSO went out of business and the game no longer exists. That is why im trying to restart in Second Life. The Sims Online and Second Life are very similar, and the mafia life style will flow well here. We made tons of money on TSO but unfortunetly you cant convert Simoleans into real money, whereas on SL you can. Even more reason to start a mafia.
  2. I will message you. We do need people familiar with scripts, and other strong SL players. We need strong ambitious people to help lead the family and the business. The Mafia life is a loyal and rewarding one. If anyone else is interested and think they can contribute, please message me.
  3. I would start it, but I need help. Some people to help me run it, and be the higher ups in the family.
  4. Yes that makes perfect sense, but there is something so appealing about creating a mafia. We all know that Second Life is a game in which you can be something that you are not in real life. You can start a strip club, sell clothes, even become little pink furry things. It is a fantasy life that we all enjoy. In our real day to day lives, we must be cordial to one another. We must be friendly, and at our jobs we must deal with people who piss us off and say nothing to them. We have bills, debt, and real life problems. Second Life helps us get away from all of that, and one thing that seems to be appealing to the human race is to be "evil" when they can be. The natural state of humankind is war. We take what we want from people, their land, money, and destroy their villages (at least in the old days.) Nowadays, we sacrifice some of those freedoms to be kept safe by governments and police. My point here is, humans never get a chance anymore to do bad, to be evil, and be a little mischevious at times. Second Life is a gateway so that we can be. Since it is a game, we can get away from real life, where we have to be our bosses puppets and be nice to everyone, and we get a chance to release our true human nature, to dominate. This is my point of making the Mafia. Simply because it is fun to be bad. People will look at us and fear us, and we will be a dominant force. Of course, there are alot of things in Second Life that you cant do, you cant kill people, for example. But there are still alot of malicious things we could do being a mafia, when the need arises. Things that alot of people may not really think of would be possible in SL. And of course, we would make a ton of money with our businesses and properties and lavish estates. All under one group. if you guys have any questions or need me to clear anything up, please send me a private message.
  5. It wouldnt be an RP thing, its would not be something we did only in specific houses or places, everywhere we go we would be mafia, and a family. If no one harassed us, I dont think there would be a problem.
  6. But it would not ONLY to be about making money. What about the lavish mafia parties, the giant businesses and beautiful properties we will own, the giant amount of people we can have in the family, all under one mafia family name or title. It would be a giant lavish and classy family, people to uphold an image. If we got enough people involved, we could own almost one of every business, pump money into it, and watch it prosper. And it WILL prosper, because everyone in the family will support it. Say you need a new tux and you're in the mafia? Go to the mafia tux store, get a discount AND help the family. Say you need to get new weapons or cars? Theres a mafia store for that. Say you want to go to a diner? Theres a little cafe owned by the mafia down the street. People not involved in the mafia would see our places as being popular and good, because there are always alot of people there, so that would drive up the traffic to our places by non-mafia members, who will spend money there. It is like a big business, it is easier to have and make a place successful is you have 50 friends who are dedicated to helping it grow, as opposed to being all by yourself. And since everyone in the family gets a monthly cut of all of the profits from every store, every single person is benefitted. It would fun to consider yourself part of something big. Not to just be a loner, but to be part of a big caring family. Mafia meetings, dinners, events, parties, and everything involved. All around rolling together, being family, and making money. Its an idea that I am very interested in starting, but I need help. The way we devastate competition? Be better than them.
  7. No, you seem to be missing the point As a mafia, we would not just give out money to everyone and everyone who comes along wanting to start something new. To create a business, you need to be in the family. You need to be a made man, have proved yourself by time spent in the mafia, and proving your loyolty. THEN would you come up to the Godfather, and say, "I would like to open a furniture store, because I am great at making furniture. The Godfather pays rent, every week, and provides whatever the made man needs to run his store. So, essentially, the made man pays absolutely nothing, while giving a percent of the profits back to the family to start more stores, and he keeps a percent. If the store is a failure, thats a loss to the Godfather, not the made man, or the capo. The money/profit earned by the business would mostly go back to the Mafia, which then would be divided in to a percentage system, lets say %40 to the "business starting fund" to start new stores under new capos %10 to the Godfather, 10% to the underboss, (the guy managing the capos who are running the businesses) and %40 to the Capos, who can divide it evenly among their captains that they hire to help run the store.
  8. Well everything is still very new. But here's the idea. The Mafia will run on a heirarchy like system. The godfather or Don will be at the top. The underboss under him, leading and advising the capos, being the face of the family. The Capos will be the ones running and being at the top of the businesses and houses. Each capo can appoint captains to work in the houses, and such. That's the skeleton of the command chain.
  9. Hah, I like the "accent." it seems like there are mafia supporters on SL after all! This is good news
  10. Since they would be part of the family, they would understand that all the money earned will go to making the entire family stronger, bigger, and have more businesses. The mafia will pay the tier every week for their business, if they are not making any profit (or just refuse to pay) the family will stop paying the tier on the property and they will lose it. This is the only way I see this to work. We are not really looking to RP, we know we are real people with real bills in real life, the mafia would just be a fun way to make some extra cash if we get to that point, and have a tight knit group of friends - our "family" in the mafia. Of course nothing drastic would be taken out in RL, we dont play to go whack anyone. haha.
  11. I or my RL brother will take the role Godfather, as we have run these types of things before. But the problem is, to get started we would need people. People who know alot about SL and alliances that would help us get off the ground with our first few businesses. I have only been playing SL a year or two on and off, and yes it would take ALOT of linden to get it running, but im willing to do that. Some people, like me, seem to really like the idea of mafia and of a family, that sticks together and tries to dominate every business. Ultimetly, its all about making linden, which as we know can be transferred into real cash. So that is another incentive
  12. Hello all, I have been throwing around an idea for quite some time, and wanted more people opinions about it all. Basically, i am completely obsessed with Mafias and organized crime for a long time - and doing so, I created a mafia on The Sims Online back in the day. It was a huge success, and there were many other mafia families around. I was thinking about doing this now on Second Life. I think it could work very well Lets say someone wants to start a business, they join/come to the Mafia and we give them the money for the tier, basically paying their rent every week. They start it and make it successful, and pay back the family a certain percent. We could use the money they pay back to start another business. If we get dozens (or hundreds) of people to get in the family, we could one day own one of every type of business, and everyone in the family would go shop at family-owned stores, increasing profit and customers. One fortress, a couple clubs, a few clothings stores, a handful of furniture stores... We could have our hand in every business on SL eventually. This would not be a RP thing like the vampire clans, we would be a family in second life and a mafia whereever we went, and roll together. Its worked in other MMO's, could it work in second life? Please send your thoughts, thank you. :)
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