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  1. I do all the time. I treat my avi's as dolls. lol. I also am learning to build so that I can make my sim myself. I find it hard to make friends here in sl. Every time I do, it ends up in a lot of drama so I end up back on my sim alone. I mostly like it that way.
  2. King45Gamer, There is a group that is for US Military Veteran's. It is called that "US Military Veterans". It is a pretty big group but I don't know how much they roleplay. secondlife:///app/group/e59c843d-bbb5-9921-76b7-2fa0f7be8f74/about They know a lot of different groups for vets, hopefully they can help you out.
  3. ChinRey, hit on it perfectly. After reading her remarks, I realized that the chin and mouth were what were bothering me the most. Any suggestions would be highly appreciated. 🙂
  4. Thank you so much. The chin, nose and mouth are what have bothered me the most. I will definitely try what you have suggested. I love playing with the avatars. That and learning to build houses. I love the Blog. I have been reading through it from the beginning.
  5. This is my avatar. She is wearing the Tonic Sierra Bento head. To me she just does not look "right". I have been working on her for about 2 weeks now and adjust sliders hasn't helped a lot. I will be using a lot of the suggestions you all have posted and will post an update when I get her looking better. If you have suggestions as to why she does not look "right", I will gladly try them out. I don't even know why she does not look "right" to me at this point.
  6. Thank you. I like what you have written. I will be sharing it with some friends that are having problems getting the look they want too. I appreciate your knowledge and especially your willingness to share it with us.
  7. Yes. It is from a book I read. I loved the character so used the name.
  8. This is great. Thank you very much for posting all this.
  9. Thank you all so much. This is great. I have been sick so was not able to check back sooner. My apologies to all of you. I will be trying the suggestions and reading the blogs and other information. I highly appreciate this. Krickett
  10. Hi, Back on my very first avatar, I had a lot of trouble adjusting shapes and I sought out a friend of a friend who helped me by having me stand on a pose stand and he told me what areas to adjust and what numbers to put in the slider area. Now my questions are: 1. How did he do this? 2. Was he using a special software program? 3. Is there written instructions somewhere? I have searched and searched. I have read Penny's blog, Catnap Kitty's information, Strawberry's blog, the Golden Rule on SL wiki, and watched videos. I am still, even after 4 years, confused as to how to alter my shape so it is more realistic looking. Thanks in advance for any and all help. Krickett
  11. Is it possible to select the entire homestead all at once with some command keys? I want to get it completely level all at once then work on the sides. Thanks in advance for any and all assistance.
  12. You can list it in the forums for sale areas or look in your about land. In the general section there is "abandon land". I believe you are still responsible for tier payments though ... not sure on that... look it up in the wiki. Or since you have land contact chat support. You will get your questions answered really fast there.
  13. Yes, that sounds reasonable. Thank you again.
  14. No I am talking about the type of rezzer that holds the entire build. Similiar to the ones that are used to sell skyboxes or houses on the marketplace. I can put the build into it and when I am ready to use it, I can rez it out. I have never heard of a repeating temp rezzer. I am making a venue for my land for when visitors come to see me. I don't want it permanently on the land. I want it in my inventory and bring it out when I need it. I have an island sim with 30K prims so trying to beat the LI is not the problem. I just don't want to spend the 4 hours of setting it up every time I want to use it. What it has to do with linking prims is that I wanted to link the entire thing but that will not work. So I am going to just link the max I can and store them in my inventory that way.
  15. Thank you ChinRey. That is the conclusion I have come up with. I can add them after I set up where I want them to permanently be. I appreciate all the assistance.
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