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  1. I am looking to hire someone to make me a custom script for a tp board. 1. Multi-Location 2. Same Sim 3. Can add a location without redoing the entire tp system I need this to use a set position marker not coordinates, the map or anything that someone sits on. It should be an experience. Yes, yes, I know there are some on the MP like I am describing but every last one requires me to re-do the entire system when I make a new venue. I am looking to make my life easier not have to re-do something all the time. Karlee Heartsong
  2. For our USO charity event for Wounded Warriors on May 29 2021, Beyond Vanilla Resort is seeking the following: Live Singers Bands Chorus Girl Dance Troupes Burlesque Dancers Comedians The show will center around the Vietnam Era. This will be along the lines of a Bob Hope USO show where he and his contemporaries performed for the troops in Vietnam. They also did WWII so that era music will be welcome too. Please send your bio, contact info and fees to Karlee Heartsong. IM's go to my email and NC's with an IM telling me what items you sent works great. Hop
  3. I am searching for a company in SL that can put on shows like a Bob Hope show from the Vietnam era or a USO show. I am always looking for burlesque shows, comedians, live musicians, etc. Basically any good performers in SL. Any and all assistance with this would highly appreciated. Comment here, leave a personal msg or send me an IM in game as they go to my email if I am not online. Oh yes, if this is not the right forum, please, let me know where I should post this. Thanks Karlee
  4. Cici, you are welcome to apply to DavisDeLong Resident in world. We are seeking host/esses. It is at the Beyond Vanilla Resort sim if wish to visit the sim before applying. Karlee Heartsong
  5. Beyond Vanilla Resort is an adult fun filled place to visit. We have Whip's End Night Club located at the main landing area, a public dungeon on its own parcel, an old fashioned Riverboat with a more formal event area on the second floor and games on two other levels and a nice spot on top to enjoy the scenery. There is another games area full of interactive games, a demolition derby, zombie hunt area, archery and much more in the works. We are seeking some DJ's and Host/esses. The schedules are open from 11am until 6pm slt. If you think you would enjoy working in a friendly, fun atm
  6. Topic can be closed .. both General Manager and Club Manager positions have been filled.
  7. Sim Manager found. Still need Club Manager, DJ's and Host/esses Please contact Karlee Heartsong in game through a NC or IM and/or DavisDeLong Resident.
  8. Oh yes, this is an Adult sim and only Adult individuals need apply.
  9. Beyond Vanilla Resort is a new sim and has lots of interest but I lost my manager and need a new one. Beyond Vanilla Resort is a different sort of sim. It has many, many interactive things to do. You will find Whip's End, Beyond Vanilla's premier night club, a public dungeon, a 1/4 sim size dirt race track, an interactive games room, board games like hand n foot, greedy, black jack and more. In the air you will find an archery range, Breach & Clear tactical training, rock climbing walls, a 3/4 interactive animal hunting area. We are adding new items daily. So if this is the type of place y
  10. Beyond Vanilla Resort has just opened the public area of their sim. Currently building a Male Dominant/female sub or slave hang out. We are seeking a Manager for this portion of the sim. Prefer a Male Dominant or female submissive experienced in the D/s side of BDSM as Manager. This manager will have complete control of this part of the sim. Please, send a NC with your experience in game to Karlee Heartsong. This experience must include your experience in the BDSM lifestyle as well as management experience. References required.
  11. Oh now that would be interesting to me since I am very interested in the Medieval Age and Medieval Fantasy novels.
  12. How does one make a suggestion on names? Do LL still accept name suggestions? Thanks for all the replies. It is really appreciated.
  13. Jealousy is a very weird thing. It must be talked about between the people involved wether it is real life or second life. The avatars have living, breathing people behind them. Many people, males & females believe that having sex in SL is cheating. It is not porn. If you were "caught" then, to me, it means you felt like you were cheating too. My advice is to always be up front about SL or any other virtual social community with your partner, wife, husband, girl friend, boy friend, what ever. My husband and I both are in SL. We have rules for our behavior here. We trust one anoth
  14. I wonder where in the world SL/LL came up with the last names they currently offer! All but a couple are just plain awful. Come on LL, at least give us some decent last names to choose from!
  15. Araya, Due to not knowing who that NC was from, from all the ones I received, I deleted it. Thank you for sending it though, I have found someone to fill the position.
  16. Hi Liram, Would you be interested in pirate and slave roleplay. Different avenues to the end result: 1. Be a slave to the island and be used by all, within your limits. 2. Be sold as a slave by the hour, day, week or month. These are just the beginning ideas. If interested send me a PM here and I will explain in more detail. K
  17. I don't know but you could message the owner of the item.
  18. Araya We are opening a new sim and can use someone to assist me. Please send a NC to CendrillaPerrault Resident with times that you can be available for an interview. Thanks in advance, Krickett.
  19. Thank you for your reply. I sent you a message in game.
  20. Check out ZimberLab by Doctor Zimberman. Link https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/ZimberLab-Blocks-A-DELIVERY/10181095
  21. I know that Altamura has a free gift with a BoM applier which includes one system female and one system male skin. Tonic Curvy and Fine has a free gift on their counter with a BoM applier but the owner has already updated both bodies and at least one head that I know of that. She sent them out as updates and anyone owning the body or head can get the update redelivered. Catwa, Belleza and Maitreya have applier and some products updated. I have not checked into them very much to see if they have updated products yet.
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