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  1. like's adult pleasure's and just being themselve's having a good time basically
  2. bowser311


    what hud's are good anymore that are free for protection etc?
  3. hey bowser lookin for a fwb maybe? a sl girlie friend maybe a teeny bopper or milf lookin for long term true fwb///friend's N family i believe
  4. i know how creepy can we be??? lol i am with baca biker's against child abuse so ***** kid b.s lol don't swing that way I don't
  5. sorry the title without reading anything else but the title sounded creepy i you just read the title lol but is all good
  6. hey im bowser311 im looking for long lost friend's friend's i didn't know i have had.... lol maybe start a small family or small mafia la familia lol -non gangster- SL name bowser311
  7. all i remember was pretty ladie's but i never hungout there alot because indica is a marijauna name so....n marijauna was frowned on in my rl household
  8. this is SL but people forget people have feeling's behind a screen so never trust a guy ♠say's a guy♠
  9. hey im bowser311 im lookin for friend's maybe a gf ta get ta know message me in sl @bowser311
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